The Shiva Hypothesis Signs with Wormholedeath

Ouroboros Stirs album cover, by The Shiva Hypothesis

The Shiva Hypothesis (TSH), a collective of Dutch blackened death metal musical deviants hailing from the Twente region in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce that they have signed with WormHoleDeath for the release of their debut album “Ouroboros Stirs”.

“Ouroboros Stirs” will be out on 18 May 2018 via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group / The Orchard

Shiva Hypothesis

Ouroboros Stirs track listing:

  1. Enkindling
  2. Ananda Tandava
  3. Caduceus
  4. Praedormitium
  5. Build Your Cities on the Slopes of Mount Vesuvius
  6. Maze of Delusion
  7. Carrying off the Effigy
  8. With Spirits Adrift

The Shiva Hypothesis, will be on tour to promote the debut album.

The Shiva Hypothesis live dates:

May 13 – Lens (BE), Titan’s Club
May 26 – Köln (DE), Halle am Rhein
Sept 7 – Alkmaar (NL), Koel310
Sept 22 – Bochum (DE), Matrix
Sept 29 – Geesteren (NL), Anti Cover Fest
Dec. 2 – Enschede (NL), Rock’s

The Shiva Hypothesis has been pursuing its own brand of dark and extreme metal with relentless fervour and mad perseverance since 2012. TSH can be sonically categorized as a mix of black metal aesthetics, occasional aggressive outpourings in the vein of 90’s death/thrash metal and some strong atmospheric touches. The band strives for a mystic, gloomy, murky sound (with a slight hint of madness) to underline the main theme: destruction and creation. The band’s lyrics incorporate elements of comparative religion, philosophy and mythology. Musically, TSH has drawn inspiration from the works of such bands as Behemoth, Emperor en Gorgoroth, as well as numerous non-metal artists like Fields of the Nephilim and Huun-Huur-Tuu.

The Shiva Hypothesis is:

  • ML (bass, keys, additional vocals, songwriting),
  • JB (guitar, songwriting),
  • BN (drums),
  • MvS (vocals, lyrics)

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