• Rebel Radio uses https to secure your communication and information while on Rebelradio.com.

  • When you purchase Rebel Gear or advertisements through our website:
    • Rebel Radio collects your name and address, which is needed for shipping. We also keep that information simply for our own records. But none of this information is ever shared with any 3rd parties (nor anybody not part of Rebel Radio).

  • Signing up for newsletters/emails: Everything given by the user is saved in a database within the plugin, but not anywhere else. If we should begin saving this information on a separate spreadsheet, it will be for the sole purpose of our records and numbers.


In summary, Rebel Radio neither sells nor shares any of your personal information (nothing that identifies you personally) with anybody. We may share non-personal information with advertisers (number of listeners/viewers, demographics, sex/gender, age range, etc.) needed to show clients/advertisers who our audience is, but nothing that would identify you personally. We value and respect your privacy.