Four Stroke Baron Shares New Song,Video “Planet Silver Screen”

Four Stroke Baron

Four Stroke Baron will release their label debut, Planet Silver Screen on November 9, 2018. Watch the wild (must-see), all out stop-motion video for the album’s title track, A refreshing mashup of new-wave and heavy progressive elements with an avant-garde flair; Metal Sucks calls Planet Silver Screen, “catchy-as-hell, larger-than-life, prog-fused aggro alt-rock.” The new album will be available in all formats. LP pressings are limited to 300 copies on Purple wax.

Planet Silver Screen Tracklist:

  1. Cut
  2. Planet Silver Screen
  3. Neon Person
  4. Machine and Joy
  5. A Matter of Seconds
  6. 7th of July
  7. Cyborg Pt. II The City
  8. Duplex
  9. Video Maniacs ft. Jorgen Munkeby

Comprised only of Kirk Witt on guitars and vocals, Matt Vallarino on drums, and Keegan Ferrari on bass; Four Stroke Baron craft massive and immersive soundscapes juxtaposed over catchy, pop-like song structures on their forthcoming label debut. The release of Planet Silver Screen is an amalgamation of all that Four Stroke Baron has come to represent musically thus far while simultaneously signals the band’s evolutionary expansion into previously uncharted sonic territories yielding their biggest and most ambitious record yet. Catch Four Stroke Baron live on the west coast this fall.

From their inception in 2011, reactions to Four Stroke Baron have always exhibited positivity and excitement. The band’s introductory self- titled EP was released in January of 2014 and quickly caught the attention of internet-metal extraordinaire Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker. After being featured on Cloudkicker’s blog, growing demand led to their full-length, King Radio being released December 23, 2015 and receiving even more acclaim. Sputnik Music stated in an album review, “Simply put, Four Stroke Baron is a band that defies categorization. Their choruses are simultaneously abrasive and soothing, the riffs bring to mind both Mastodon and Rush…,” and, “Four Stroke Baron is weird, and fun, and bizarre, and hooky, and crazy, and they will be on repeat for a very long time.” It was this album that later aligned Four Stroke Baron with the Prosthetic Records roster. The trio will unveil even more details on their upcoming studio album and tour dates following the release of Planet Silver Screen.

Four Stroke Baron is:

  • Kirk Witt – guitars and vocals
  • Matt Vallarino – drums
  • Keegan Ferrari – bass

Four Stroke Baron online:

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