Bruce Corbitt Loses 2-Year Battle With Cancer, Dies At 56

Bruce Corbitt died at the age of 56 this past Friday, after a 2-year battle with Cancer

Bruce Corbitt, vocalist of Warbeast and Rigor Mortis, has died, due to complications and the spreading of cancer of the esophagus.

Corbitt announced his cancer diagnosis in May of 2017, and had undergone traditional cancer treatment, but he was not responding well. But in early 2018, he was accepted for clinical trials for a new type of treatment, and six months later, reported that he was responding very well to it, eliminating the disease in many parts of his body. MetalSucks reports that Corbitt even performed with Warbeast that next month, something nobody would have guessed would’ve been possible. But unfortunately, this victory didn’t last long, and he entered into hospice earlier this month. This past Friday, on January 25th, Corbitt lost to his 2-year battle at the age of 56.

While in hospice, Warbeast published on their Instagram: “It’s not fun seeing your friend, bandmate, and brother laying on a bed in hospice. It doesn’t feel real to me. Bruce is still in great spirits and today we watched his team (Rams) beat the Cowboys. He is struggling and visibly uncomfortable but he still manages to crack jokes, talk, and laugh. This man is a true inspiration and the definition of strong. Bruce is an idol of mine. I was just a 19 year old kid from Colorado and he brought me into Warbeast and had faith in me, even though he knew absolutely nothing about me. We have grown to be brothers over the years, and getting to write music and work with this man has been the best years of my life. I’ve learned more from this dude in my time in Warbeast than I EVER have before I joined. He made my musical dreams come true and I will always love him for that. I ask you please, please send some prayers to him and his wonderful family. Nobody deserves to go through this. I love you man. Long live Batman and FUCK YOU CANCER. -Drew Shoup”

Musicians likewise took to social media to pour out their condolences:

Richie Cavalera sends his condolences to Bruce Corbitt on his instagram

Phil Anselmo sends his condolences to Bruce Corbitt via Instagram

Pissing Razors send their condolences to Bruce Corbitt via Instagram

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