Rebel Rock Report: December 21, 2018

Rock Report - December 21, 2018

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse has finally released a statement on the arrest of Guitarist Pat O’Brien. First, the answer to the question everyone is asking, “will they still tour with Slayer,” and the answer is “yes”. The statement is vague to the cause of Pat’s trouble, but the band is standing behind him stating, “Pat looks forward to a healthy return at some point.” The band goes on to thank their fans for their support, stating, “Pat is getting the help he needs.” They refrained from sharing any other information on the incident that occurred earlier this month. What we do know is that the Fire department was called to O’Brien’s home in Northdale FL. When they arrived, they found his house engulfed in flames. The firefighting efforts were hampered by over 1000 rounds of exploding ammunition. It seems that Pat was ready for a Zombie Apocalypse! He had 80 firearms, and a military flame thrower as well. While the FD battled the blaze, O’Brien fled the scene, broke into a neighbor’s house, knocked a female resident to the floor, ran out the back door, and hid behind a fence. When police caught up with him, O’Brien allegedly attempted to assault and officer with a knife, resulting in O’Brien being tasered a few times. It is reported that he was yelling, “They’re after me!”

Consequently, O’Brien was charged with Burglary of an occupied dwelling, assault, and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Now, to put this into perspective, these are very serious  charges, and if his actions are the result of drug use, he could do real time. The burglary charge is the most serious. In FL, it is defined as “entering a dwelling or structure with the intent of committing a crime”. This charge can carry a life sentence in the state of Florida, and Florida courts take this stuff very seriously. At the end of this, Cannibal Corps might be without Pat for quite some

I will be following this closely so stay tuned for updates.

Sex, Drugs, and Metal

On a lighter note, scientists have confirmed that metalheads like to party at shows. Really? We need a scientific study to figure this out? In a study conducted by, 970 concert goers were interviewed on their partying habits. The research determined that metalheads are number 2 on the list of using intoxicants at shows. The number one genre was EDM (Electronic Dance Music), or more commonly known, “Rave Shows”. Yes, ravers like their molly, while metalheads prefer liquor and pot. The study also determined that the use of opioids is the least-used substance of any concert goers, while alcohol it the most-used intoxicant, landing pot as number 2. Of course, anyone who has ever been to a live show doesn’t need a scientific study to know that people like to party.
..pass research on the left hand side..

(To read more about the study and its results, check out’s original study, “Substance Use At Live Music Events”.)

Trip 6 and Rival

On the local front, Chicago homegrown Pavement Recording artist, Trip 6, and local mainstays, Rival, are hosting a double onslaught CD release party at Reggie’s on December 29th. This will be the second recording to be put out by Rival in close to 15 years, while this will be the first Trip
6 Ep, featuring the new vocalist, Nate DeVan.

I sat down with both bands recently, and talked about this event, along with many other topics. These interviews will be part of a new video show called “The Jam Spot”. It is currently in the final
production stage, and will be released in coming days, so keep a look out for that on the Rebel Radio Facebook page.

I’m Kevin Lane from the Rebel Radio Morning Metal Wake-Up, and that’s the Rebel Rock Report for December 21, 2018.

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