Rebel Radio Rock Report: November 16, 2018

Rebel Rock Report: November 16, 2018

This week’s top story on the Rebel Rock Report: The Threaten Hoax.

The Threaten Hoax

This has turned out to be the biggest story in music news for some time. It all started on November 8th with a Metal Sucks story about the LA based, Threaten. It seems that the lead singer, Jered Threaten, booked an entire European tour posing as an LA promoter and booking agent. But wait, there’s more! A felonious record label, press outlet, web designer, and a non-existent award. There are also faked live videos, along with falsified social media supporting the made up rock stars, with thousands of non-existent fans. Threaten also claimed to have sold tickets to the performances in Europe and, of course, nobody showed up. This hoax held up for about three shows, before word got out that something was amiss.

One of the openers for Threaten, along with one of the angered venues, did some digging and put the word out that Threaten was a hoax. Since then, Threaten’s hired gun guitarist and drummer quit the band, and the tour has collapsed. The remaining venues dropped the dates one by one, leaving the question, “Who is Jered Threaten, and why the hoax?” Well, here it is, Jered Threaten is actually Jered Eames, bother of Scott Eames of the band Thy Antichrist. Scott has disavowed his brother, who he has not spoken to in 12 years. In a statement, Scott said, “I’m disappointed in the choices my brother has made. I have to actively disassociate myself with his current actions.” He went on to say, “It’s my
opinion that with the same amount of effort and money, there’s no doubt in my mind, with his talent, he could have done something in a legitimate and respectable manner.”

This all has sent shock waves through the music news community, even bands like Metallica and Corey Taylor are concerned that Threaten is steeling all their press. Don’t worry guys, we’ll get back to you shortly, but first there’s this:

Steel Panther

Steel Panther is recording there 5th album again. They will hit the studio on Monday to follow up their 2017 release, “Lower the Bar”. Will this be a rerecording of the album that was accidentally deleted in early August? No comment has been made regarding that, but they did make an appearance on Thursday Night Football. The video of this event is posted below and on our Facebook page, and features a long-haired panther head Terry Bradshaw:

Steel Panther has also announced a “Heavy Metal Mardi Gras” tour, starting in March, 2019, and will be at the House of Blues in Chicago on November 29th.

All That Remains

All That Remains has named Jason Richardson as the replacement guitarist for the upcoming tour with Sevendust. The final Coroners report has been released on Olli’s cause of death. Although there were anti-depressants and sleeping meds found in his system, the cause of death was declared “drowning”. The police are continuing to investigate the death as suspicious, since the manner of drowning has yet to be determined. Stay tuned for future updates as they are available.


David Draiman recently sat down with Loudwire for an interrogation-style video interview. David had quite a bit to say on many things, including his thoughts on dropping out of social media. He attributed the deletion of his twitter account to the fact that it was so time consuming, and was causing problems with his wife. Draiman even went on to say that he would never return to Twitter. David also talked about the creative process and his use of Indica as a creative tool. He stated that all his music is created while quote, “high as a Giraffe’s ass”. He described
the newest release as Disturbed’s best work yet.

After reviewing all ten tracks, I (Kevin Lane) found that it is not what you would expect. There are only five tracks that rock, and some of those sound like part of a bad sound track for a modern B movie. The rest of the album is ballads. On a positive note, David shows his vocal skills in a new way and his lyrics are very deep and introspective. Evolution is a good name for Disturbed’s seventh release. They are evolving from the gritty Chicago metal band that we know, into something completely different. Check out the full video here and on our Facebook page:

I’m Kevin Lane for the Morning Metal Wake Up, and that’s the Rebel Rock Report for November 16, 2018, on The Hardest Station In the Nation, Rebel Radio.

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