Per-Ole - Finland (Oct. 12, 2003)

This must be an incredible catch! I am glad to hear Rebel Radio on AM 1240 actually, where some other stations also are broadcastin. The signal has to jump in the atmosphere back to earth and that’s what happening on these occasions. I listened very carefully for a long time and might have heard parts of your program for a longer time. This is the only time, during the top of the hour announcement, when I heard the station with a definite referring to “Rebel Radio” and “Chicago”. Your station really made a good job this night to reach Finland, thank you for making this possible.
This is (actually) the first time I hear this station, while listening here in Central Finland. I use a Japanese communications receiver, NRD 535 D from Japan Radio company and I have a 650 meter long “beverage” antenna….I enjoyed listening to your station, the signal has to travel all the way to Europe and Central Finland.
Thank you very much indeed for this fine moment in front of my radio set. I hope to hear the same station again sometimes, when reception conditions permit.

Mark - Florida (1997)

Hey Rebs,
I’m in Chicago for work this week, and discovering Rebel Radio is better than striking oil! This is the best radio station I’ve every listened to – and I travel all over the country for work, so I hear a lot of stations!
Until I get the Real Audio working on my computers, I was wondering if there’s any other way to pick up your station? I saw “Satcom C-5” listed among the radio station call signs; does that mean you’re available via some satellite service? If so, what are the details I need to know in order to receive this most magical signal?
“Life without music…I can’t go on!” (Steel Pulse)
Thanks a billion!

Lars - Buffalo (Oct. 13, 1997)

Hey Thanks man. It’s the dude from Buffalo, I really appreciate you playing that for me.
You guyz gotta get yer station out here! Here in Buffalo, we have NO rock stations. We got 5 alternative ones though, and they suck!
C’mon Rebel Radio, help us metal-deprived Buffalonians! Get out here!
Thankx man, yer station kicks serious ass!

Jay (Feb. 21, 1996)

Hey, I love your station! I listen every night. It’s great that there is finally a station with all my music. You’re one of a kind, definitely. Keep up the good work!

Jaime - Cleveland (Jan. 16, 1997)

I love the radio station! I wish we had a station like yours in Cleveland. All the radio stations here suck!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Aaron - Arkansas (Dec. 1996)

Just a note to let you know that I’ve been listening for a couple months now, and I must say, you have the best thing since sliced bread!!!
Here in Podunk Town, Arkansas, we have a rock station, but they don’t always play the “right” music. You guys are right on, and I’ll just stick to your Real Audio feed. I have recently made the “Rebel Radio” homepage the startup page for my puter, so now I’m sure to have total tuneage almost immediately after signing on.
Thanks fellas and fellettes!!
“Not a damn redneck!!”

Kevin - Virginia (Dec. 17, 1996)

I’ve been listening to your station non-stop since I found it on the net. It is without a doubt the greatest radio station in the history of the world! I’m from VA where we have nothing to listen to. Thanks!

Parrish - South Carolina (June 26, 1996)

Killer tunes!!
Send me a sticker!

Jason - Georgia (Dec. 1996)

I live in Savannah, GA, and the “hard rock” station here sucks major shit, always playing some kind of stupid fucking retro shit or something. I listen to you guys on the web more than I do my own local station. I just wanted to say keep up the good work!

Shauna - Canada (Feb. 1997)

Rebel Radio is my favorite website because it plays awesome music, all the time. Where I come from, somewhere in Saskatchewan, all we have is country or oldies. It’s either that, or static.
I also love this site for the very interesting graphics. It has a great background and graphics to match, which suit the overall “Rebel Radio theme”. It also doesn’t take forever to bring up. This is good for us who still use a 28.8 modem connection.
The “artist spotlight” is great. Not only does it keep us up to date, it also has links to the artists’ websites. What more can you ask for?
In conclusion, Rebel Radio rules and you should check it out for yourself. I’ve got it bookmarked, and you should do the same.

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