Aaron - Boston (Feb. 1997)

Why is Rebel Radio my favorite station? Because it’s like the ol’ Z-Rock on the web…only better.
Seriously though, that background graphic alone just plain rules…add in a live feed, cool stuff to scam, a place to vent, and a regularly updated page in general (a rarity these days among most radio sites, unfortunately)…how can you go wrong? Man, if I lived in Chicago (instead of Boston, which is the next best thing to Chicago here in New England, I guess), I’d be begging Rebel Radio for a job, just so I could be a part of the coolest station I’ve ever heard!

Todd - Michigan (March, 1997)

Rebel Radio is my favorite site because all the radio stations in my area SUCK, and Rebel Radio plays the best kick ass music on the PLANET!!
Keep on rockin’!

Jocke - Sweden (Feb. 1997)

Rebel Radio is my favorite website because it’s as hard as it can get, and it’s the only place for real music!

Chris - Iowa (Feb. 1997)

Rebel Radio is my favorite radio station because I live in a small Iowa town that doesn’t offer me the music I want to hear. Rebel Radio never lets me down when I need to jam.

Victor - Los Angeles (June, 1997)

I just wanted to say “thanks” for putting what is now the coolest station I know onto the internet. Here in Los Angeles, we had a station called “Pure Rock” (KNAC), which, unfortunately, was sold and turned into a foreign-language station. I’ve turned a metal-head in Australia onto your site and she digs it. Thanks Again!!
—A head-bangin’ LA lawyer (A Chicago native, no less! Bulls RULE!)

Asp Yak - Los Angeles (June, 1997)

Why the Fuck aren’t you in L.A.?
I’ve been stuck in this hole for over 2 years without KNAC, Z-Rock I believe is not available here either, and the only station that used to play any kind of metal, has changed its format. It’s so sad.
I dig your website and plan to listen as long as possible.
Now a quote from the founding father of metal (Ozzy): “You can’t kill rock ‘n’ roll, it’s here to stay!”

Mike - Wisconsin (June 1997)

I live up in Wisconsin, near Milwaukee. Unfortunately all the radio stations here suck, and there’s no damn metal. Therefore, I listen to you dudes over the net.
I was wondering, what time does the “Mosh Pit” start? That’s my favorite show.

Hcturtles - Los Angeles (July, 1997)

I found this station on the internet even heavier than our famous KNAC. Just one request: Come out to Los Angeles, please!
Keep up the good work!

Tom - Maryland (July, 1997)

I just had to email to tell you what a great radio station you have going. I’m listening to it all the way from Maryland!
Wish ya guys would move out here! The place is turning all the radio stations to Country!!
Ah well, love the station. Keep it up!

Rick - Indianapolis (Feb. 1996)

This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
OK, let me back up…I get a news-mailing every day, and I subscribed to the music category, which includes recording, radio, video production, etc. Well, they had a story about Rebel Radio, so I had to see this fro myself.
I’d never heard of Real Audio, nor Rebel Radio before (with the exception of the movie “AirHeads”), so I thought I’d try it out. WOW!
See, I live in Indianapolis, and we had a great hard rock station (WRZX) that was bought by the bigger radio station(WFBQ-“Q95”) when they were getting too popular, and changed their format to some alternative shit (Indy’s new rock alternative X103 – lame or what?). Hey, you’re playing Nugent’s Stranglehold – I love that song!
So now, all the many, many hours I spend on the web will be spent with you. This is just soo cool, I can barely type this. Imagine, hard rock everywhere I go! Like, I have to go to LA later this month, and Rebel Radio’s coming with me. I have to go to NY in March, and Rebel Radio will be there, too. God, this is cool!
I’d never heard of Rebel Radio before today, and I am now hooked! I also let everyone in the Metallica and Megadeth newsgroup about Rebel Radio, so I’m sure this will be a very popular new venture.
Keep rockin’ with Rebel Radio-oh-oh-oh!! – Airheads

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