Spiral Skies to Release Debut Full-Length May 18th

Spiral Skies to Release Debut Full-Length May 18th

Occult rock quintet Spiral Skies will release their long-awaited debut, full-length album, Blues For A Dying Planet, on May 18th, 2018 with AOP Records. The impending record will be released digitally and on CD and vinyl with distribution from Plastichead (Europe, USA, World) and Edel (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

The band has also conjured up their new song, “Danse Macabre,” which can be watched below:

Commenting on the new single, the band states, “How vain are the glories of earthly life. No matter deed or achievement, class, title or background, in the end, we must all unite and bow before the reaper.”

With influences ranging over decades, Spiral Skies has created a sound that can most easily be described as “Rock from another planet.” A unique blend of folk, doom and 70’s inspired rock music. The band has been compared to band such as Jefferson Airplane, Curved Air and The Devil’s Blood, to name a few.

Spiral Skies has spellbound audiences with a unique visual performance at their intense and enchanting live shows and will further spread their sorcery with the upcoming release of Blues For A Dying Planet.

About Spiral Skies

Spiral Skies was formed in Stockholm in spring 2014. Consisting of musicians with different musical influences they found themselves sharing the same passion for the 70´s genuine rock and heavy metal music, which led to a creative songwriting progress that developed into something that can only be described as “On other planets kinda rock”.

In fall 2014 the band released their first single “Wizard´s Ball”, which also reincarnated into a music video. Short after, the band recorded their debut EP “A Queendom to Come” live in their rehearsal room. It was released 28th Feb 2015, in a few numbers of cassettes and CD: s, and also thru Spotify and Bandcamp, where the international listeners drew attention to the unknown Swedish orchestra. Meanwhile, the Swedish rock magazine Close up Magazine released the track “Left is right and right is left behind” as a following single in one of their magazines.

The release of “A Queendom to Come” resulted in several live shows, and the band started to get attention in the local scene for their performances. The band kept on writing new songs, and in 29th of Feb 2016 – exactly a year after the first EP was released – the band released the single “Event Horizon” containing the two songs “Shattered Hopes” and “Event Horizon” recorded in Soundtrade studios, Stockholm.

In Summer 2016 the orchestra performed a few live shows, whilst focusing on songwriting. In the beginning of the fall they found themselves having the musical fragments that was meant to be, and had to be – featured on the upcoming debut album. (Source)

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