Slovenian SkyEye Introduce Debut Album, “Digital God”

SKYEYE album cover for "Digital God"

Slovenian heavy metal band SkyEye have just released their debut album, “Digital God”. The brute, fast and uncompromising title track speaks of how humanity’s vanity, greed and unrestrained abuse of technology is inadvertently creating an entity that is greater and more powerful than its creator. The day when we completely enslave ourselves is no longer far. Digital God is a warning against the downfall of the human race. The album features nine other original tracks in English that the band has written in the past four years, including three epic songs—Galactic Wind, Tsunami and Jerusalem—whose combined duration of 30 minutes by far exceeds today’s trends of instant music. The album cover of “Digital God” represents humanity, which is already almost entirely enslaved by its digital god. Yet, a sliver of hope remains for us to free ourselves from the digital shackles and hear the beating of our hearts again.

About SkyEye

SKYEYESkyEye was founded in 2014 by guitarist Grega Stalowsky, bassist Primož Lovšin and singer Jan Lešcanec. SkyEye got its current line-up in 2016 when guitarist Marko Kavcnik and drummer Jurij Nograšek joined the band. Unique and powerful vocals combined with raw and melodic guitar riffs give the band its signature heavy metal sound, reminescent of other major representatives of the genre, like Iron Maiden, Saxon or Judas Priest. The band made its debut appearance in June 2017, and only four months later brought out its first EP under the title “Run for Your Life”. The overwhelmingly positive response and strong support at their performances drove the SkyEye back into the studio to record their debut album “Digital God”, which was released on November 9, 2018.

SkyEye States: “The way we see it, there are no obstacles, there are only challenges. Right now we are happy that we successfully launched our debut album and this is the ticket to get opportunitues to play bigger and bigger shows.”

Furthermore the band reveals: “We are already working on new material and it looks like we are going to step up technical and arrangement abilities even further. We are all evolving our skills as we write new songs. Writing new material is really an uplifting experience for all of us.”

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