Skogen Returns with 5th Album, Skuggorna Kallar, May 25th

Skogen Returns with 5th Album, Skuggorna Kallar, May 25th

Swedish purveyors of blackened folk metal Skogen make their awaited return this year with the impending release of their 5th album, Skuggorna Kallar, on May 25th with Nordvis. Today, the band has released the record’s first new track, “När Solen Bleknar Bort.”

Speaking about the thematic elements of the upcoming record, the band states, “All the tracks are about when the northern darkness and/or winter swallows the sun. In one way or another. Death, and the tranquility it brings.”

Under a frozen Swedish moon, Skogen have their sonic pentagram of albums in homage to the stark, nebular beauty of their motherland. Theirs is a blackened folkish metal possessed by the mysteries of nature and dedicated to paying homage to its majesty, both in light and darkness. This polarity is felt in the music as subtly beautiful melodies and clean vocals are woven into the more pervasive darker tones that saturate Skuggorna Kallar, like the blanket of night, heavy with dew. You could say that it is simultaneously the band’s most complete and darkest work to date.

Our sonic journey starts at the onset of a Nordic eve, as the sun shines its last reluctant rays on the bleak landscape. Dark omens are foretold by our shrouded companion, or is it Loki, playing with our minds as the frostbite takes hold, numbing our brains and weakening our defenses. Finally, the sun’s blood seeps through the seemingly impenetrable fog of pre-dawn grimness and we are arrived at our final destination, beneath the mighty ash -Yggdrasil. Only then do we realize that the gods have indeed played laid down our final card and the funeral rites begin. Valhalla awaits.

Skuggorna Kallar Track listing:Skogen's 5th Album, Skuggorna Kallar

  1. Det Nordiska Mörkret
  2. När Solen Bleknar Bort
  3. Nebula
  4. Omen
  5. Frostland
  6. The Sun’s Blood
  7. Beneath The Trees
  8. The Funeral

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