Perpetual Night signs with Wormholedeath, Reveals Anâtman

Perpetual Night

Spanish melodic death metallers Perpetual Night have signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for their new album “Anâtman”. The album will be released this Friday, April 27th, via Wormholedeath/The Orchard in all digital stores worldwide. The Japanese and CD release dates are still TBA.

Anátman Tracklist:

  1. Anâtman
  2. Wild
  3. The Howling
  4. Nothing Remains
  5. His Darkness
  6. Raindrops
  7. Unpronounced Words
  8. Absence of Reality

Anátman is a step forward in the maturity process of Perpetual Night. A journey through all that make us feel comfortable but rising victorious, accepting ourselves, death and getting rid of an ego that lacks real importance. A journey as a passenger of the wind to try to reach the dark horizon which melts with moor which is white because of the snow; that is Anâtman.

Perpetual Night will be touring to promote “Anâtman”. Below the confirmed live dates:

April 28: Granada, Booga Club
May 5: Barakaldo, Edaska
May 12: Málaga, The Hall
June 2: Zaragoza, Utopía
September 15: Barcelona, Monasterio

Perpetual Night was founded in 2012 in Granada (Spain), and their sound is strongly influenced by Scandinavian Melodeath. They use orchestration to create absorbing atmospheres, clean guitars, force, and dark melodies. In 2013 the band releases their EP called Voices of the Apocalypse, an autoproduced EP with limited resources in which they offer a sound between Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal. On April 11th 2016, their second EP Mastery of God was released. With this EP and its single The Catcher in the Rye, they already look for a sound much nearer to Melodic Death Metal with orchestral details. On April 12Th 2017, a double CD called Between Light and Darkness is released, and includes their both EPs. After this collection was out for sale, the band had the oportunity to play together with some national band such as [In Mute], spreading the name of the band to new places in their country. Their first album was just recorded at Sadman Studio (Madrid) with the producer Carlos Santos (Toundra, Vita Imana, Jardin de la Croix, among others) and the mastering was done by the well-known Swedish producer Jens Borgen (Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth, Katatonia, and a long etcetera). The so-expected album will be called Anâtman and it will be released this spring, the album will be presented with a tour around the main cities of Spain.

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