Lamori Re-Sign with Wormholedeath, Enter Mathlab Recording Studio


Following on from their critically acclaimed debut album “To Die Once Again” (Wormholedeath), the new record will be released by Wormholedeath once again and is produced by Carlo Bellotti and Jonathan Mazzeo. Including 8 brand new songs and a cover version of “The Scientist”. Lamori’s new effort will mark a new milestone in the band’s career. Thanks to the hard work done by the band, producers and A&R that have created, alltogether, a powerful, emotional and obscure sound project with all songs converging towards a new and unique direction. Studio diaries and news will be released via the band and label’s facebook pages / YouTube channels so stay tuned.

The band stated, “We were more than happy with our last record we did together with the guys at Wormholedeath, so when we got the chance to do it again we didn’t hesitate. This time around we have worked even closer with both Wormholedeath and MathLab during pre-productions to get the right sound. The sound shows off a new side of LAMORI but the core is still there, the mix between heavy and bittersweet melodies.”

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