Infera Bruo Releases “Cerement” via Prosthetic Records

Infera Bruo album, Crement

Infera Bruo offer deep exploration into their unique musical landscape, invoking elements of classic second wave black metal and taking listeners on a mind melting journey through discordant riffs, thumping blast beat drums and moving harmonies on Cerement, the brand new album released on Prosthetic Records.

“On Cerement we aimed to streamline our sound and get to the root of a primordial blackened energy while still following our experimental instincts” states Infera Bruo Vocalist and guitarist, Galen Baudhuin.

Produced by Baudhuin and mastered by Brad Boatright; Cerement is the third full length album from Infera Bruo and contains 8 tracks of multifaceted, smoldering black metal.

“Combining open, atmospheric textures and melodies with buzzsaw guitars and a mix of screamed and sung vocals, Cerement and new song “Endnotes” are an interesting take on black metal without ever departing from the genre’s core sound.” -DECIBEL

“A very dark and unsettling extreme metal album with an intense edge created through immense riffing and a dynamic structure. – METAL RULES

“Don’t go into Cerement looking for anything undistilled or straight-up: there’s a variety of influences at play here, giving the band a distinctive progressive feel.” -INVISIBLE ORANGES

Crement Tracklisting:

  1. Poison Waters
  2. Shroud Enigma
  3. Effigy of Reason
  4. Endnotes
  5. The Lunar Pass
  6. Draped In Sky
  7. Scorne
  8. Temporial

Cerement is available now on all digital outlets, compact disc and limited LP

Formed in 2009 by members of the Boston and New England metal scene, Infera Bruo sought to create original and intense blackened metal with a wide array of influences drawn from the diverse backgrounds of each musician. The band released a self-titled album in 2011 followed by Desolate Unknown in 2013. In Conjuration was released in 2015 through Bindrune Recordings. INFERA BRUO will continue their ascension with the upcoming release of Cerement, out now on Prosthetic Records.

Infera Bruo is:

  • GALEN – Guitars, Lead Vocals
  • ARDROTH – Drums, Vocals
  • GERMANICUS – Synthesizers, Effects
  • NEUTRINO – Bass, Vocals

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