Fister Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “Decade Of Depression”

Fister band members, 3 men with beards, 2 with long hair, one bald

Hailing from the confluence of infectious disease, arbitrary violence, and rivers of industrial filth that is St. Louis MO, Fister have been sublimating their brutally toxic environment into a deliberate and belligerent challenge to the eardrums since 2009. Comprised of drummer Kirk Gatterer, guitarist/vocalist Marcus Newstead, and Kenny Snarzyk on bass and vocals, this trio converts an eclectic swarm of extreme metal influences into the sonic analogue of trench warfare.

Fister now celebrate their first 10 year anniversary releasing Decade of Depression in reference to Slayer ’s legendary live album Decade of Aggression, featuring a stunning series of crushing, planet splitting, poisonous cover songs !

Admittedly, Metal Injection got it right : ”Fister have one of the ugliest sounds in all of modern doom and will leave you feeling broken and battered, reveling in their destructive impulses.”

Tracklisting / Track-by-track commentary:

  1. City of The Living Dead – FABIO FRIZZI
    (Published by Flipper Edition Musicali)
    “We are big fans of calling back to some of our favorite movies. Brain Candy and Gates of Hell are two of our biggest favorites to reference. We originally talked about throwing a section of this song into an original we were going to use for our side of the split we did with Chrch but abandoned that idea. Andrew at Fathoming Heavy Podcast encouraged us to do something with it one day and we realized it would be the perfect intro to the record. I hope Fabio Frizzi doesn’t hate it.”
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls – METALLICA
    “Who wasn’t a huge Metallica fan growing up ?, Ride The Lightning is one of their finest records and what Fister record is complete without bells on it ?”
  3. Mandatory Suicide – SLAYER
    “We could’ve picked any song on South of Heaven and it would’ve been awesome. we talked about either doing this track or Spill The Blood. This song just seemed to fit better.”
  4. Too Old Too Cold – DARKTHRONE
    (Published by VILE MUSIC)
    “It was either this one or Graveyard Slut. Darkthrone fucking rules, and this song definitely encompasses how we feel about a lot of things in general. Getting old and bitter also fucking rules.”
  5. How the Gods Kill – DANZIG
    (Published by EVOLVE MUSIC)
    “We were talking with John Christ last year about collaborating on a ten year anniversary record before covers even came to mind. The logistics and scheduling didn’t work out and we had to kind of refocus on what we were going to do. We were playing with the intro to this song on our last West Coast tour. Eva from Chrch told us that if we ever wanted to cover this song that she’d love to sing on it. We immediately decided that we needed to do that and it pretty much sealed the deal on this becoming a cover record.”
  6. Reaper – HELLHAMMER
    (Published by Edition Diktatur des Kapitals)
    « There were a handful of bands and songs we had on a list for this record. We were trying to figure out what would work as a whole, and not just as a cool little cover to toss in. On that list was Hellhammer. Laurent at Listenable Records pretty much refused to release this record unless we covered this song. No complaints there. OUGH! “
  7. And Only Hunger Remains – PUNGENT STENCH
    (Published by DIRECTE PUBLISHING)
    “We originally covered this song live a long time ago as a medley with Misunderstanding by Genesis. We knew we had to cover this one the right way so here it is.”
  8. THE FAILURE – FISTER (re-recorded)
    “This is a FISTER cover… We originally recorded this song to be on a split 7” with Dopethrone. For whatever reason a physical copy never came out so we re-recorded it and put it at the end of this record.”

Fister Is:

  • Kenny Snarzyk
  • Kirk Gatterer
  • Marcus Newstead


  • Bronsonic (full length) 2011
  • Split 12″ w/ The Lion’s Daughter 2011
  • Violence (one 25 minute song/EP) 2012
  • The Infernal Paramount (2 song EP) 2012
  • Gemini (full length) 2013
  • Split 7″ with Norska 2014
  • Split 12″ with Primitive Man 2014
  • IV (one 44 minute song/full length) 2015
  • Split 7″ with Everything Went Black 2016
  • Split 7″ with Teeth 2016
  • Split 7″ with Dopethrone 2016
  • Split 12″ with Church
  • ‘No Spirit Within’ (Listenable 2018)
  • ‘Decade of Depression’ (Listenable 2019)

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