Demise To Release, “De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia”

Demise, album cover for De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia

Death Metallers Demise from Caracas, Venezuela, announce their new album, “De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia”, for August 17th, release
through Brutal Records.

Demise plays a musical style that takes the South American death sound of the 80’s and also mixes it in with the old style to create some very aggressive and old school sounding death dark metal, chaotic riffs demolishing everything, guttural voices, warlike melodies and bursts of blast beats which will pierce your body, this is Death Metal the ancient way.

Demise “De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia” speak of much more than Metal, because in the country where perseverance is a scarce virtue and even more the deficiencies and difficulties make this type of samples at-least of this level of quality a true feat and a proof of dedication for what you want, is received with greater satisfaction, as a job has class, is interesting spectacular and destructive.

Bernardo König and vocal Alvaro Parra, rooted in Venezuela and decided carry on this group, experimental band or hybrid metal, combining and respecting opinions, points of views, approaches, beliefs; but however they always had a guided north and converged that pointed toward the pleasure that felt when making music, or to create harmonies, melodies, dissonances, setbacks that satisfied the necessities and each member’s restlessness as musician, the freedom of being possible to express with their instrument, the necessity to be able to transmit and to contribute to the new generation of musicians, a Venezuelan metal worthy of no listen and to defend.

2009 released first CD called “Mode: Terror” with 11 songs

2012 released an Ep which contains 4 songs of its own and a Sepultura cover of the song “Troops Of Doom”, called “Choice-Ep”, this Ep received the Best Demo- Ep Award 2012 of The Melomaniacs Awards.

2014 released second full CD called “Matanza, C.A.” with 11 songs loaded with speed and aggressiveness.

2015 the band released a compilation CD with the lost recordings of the 90s and the Demo released in 2006, the CD was called “XX Years of Purge”, included the live Bootleg of 1997, a track recorded in studio in 1998 and the 2 songs of Promo Demo.

2017 Demise released “Matanza, C.A.” tape limited edition.

2018 they finished their third release; “De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia” (From Manipulation to Ignorance), where they have the participation with a guitar solo by Dany González de Gruesome & Possessed, and the art made by the Venezuelan illustrator John Quevedo Janssens. 11 tracks with 39 minutes of a Fast and Dark Death Metal plus include 11 tracks without vocals totally instrumental.

De La Manipulacion a la Ignorancia track list:

01. 350 Mentiras
02. 350 Mentiras (Instrumental)
03. Rostros De Gaza
04. Rostros De Gaza (Instrumental)
05. De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia
06. De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia (Instrumental)
07. La Ley De Los Pranes
08. La Ley De Los Pranes (Instrumental)
09. Huerfanos Del Petroleo
10. Huerfanos Del Petroleo (Instrumental)
11. Regimen De Maldad
12. Regimen De Maldad (Instrumental)
13. Como Se Siente El Miedo
14. Como Se Siente El Miedo (Instrumental)
15. Isis
16. Isis (Instrumental)
17. Demencia Constitucional
18. Demencia Constitucional (Instrumental)
19. Poder Por El Poder
20. Poder Por El Poder (Instrumental)
21. Exodo
22. Exodo (Instrumental)

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