Besra Releases Debut “Anhedonia” with Temple of Torturous


Turku, Finland’s progressive, avant-garde metal band Besra has released their long-awaited, debut, full-length album, Anhedonia, with Temple of Torturous.

During the year 2011 guitarist Nygård left his former band Callisto. The project, later to be named Besra, was formed to serve better Nygård´s musical ambition. Besra became, not mere a one-man project, but a collection of five experienced musicians synced together to create something different.

Anhedonia is a collection of stories told by Besra. The album as a whole deals with challenges and characteristics of today’s society and how they reflect on the lives of ordinary people, their mindsets and relationships with others. The stories also reflect a very personal side of the composers. Experiences with loneliness, emotional abandonment and substance abuse are present. Themes to the songs were gathered from personal and professional experiences throughout the lives of the members of the band. Carefully balanced mix of rage and gloomy mellow atmospheres lead the listener through the stories told with words, singing, screaming and instrumental drama.

“A dense, violent and dramatically melodic work” –

“The songs are long and build towering atmospheres throughout, leaving you only to gape at their monolithic heaviness” –

“(“Pariah”) is positively a monster, showing some of the discordant direction seen in Amenra with the epic fury of Neurosis, moving into the
the light and shade with dramatic effect. It’s muscular, emotional and just plain excellent.” –

“Their debut album, Anhedonia, does a brilliant job of blending its post metal core with plenty of off-kilter vocals, dynamic track structures and mood that’s more than just the sensation of drowning in so much ink. This makes their album an impressive debut, able to scrap the foundations of post metal for what it needs, while dragging those basics into higher planes of composition and experimentation.” –

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