Aura Noir To Release 6th Album April 27th

Aura Noir

After nearly 25 years upholding and reinvigorating thrash metal’s grimmest traditions for the delight of the international underground, Norway’s reapers of blackened-thrash, Aura Noir will unleash their sixth full length on April 27th with Indie Recordings. The semi-self-titled, Aura Noire, is released with no overdubs or embellishments, only underscoring the band’s potency as a power-trio and reinforces their primacy among thrash’s primal pantheon.

The band has aligned itself with to unchain the record’s first song “Dark Lung Of The Storm.” With Aura Noire, a title which quite distinctly resembles their band name, the band churns through some of the most refreshing, yet nostalgic tracks of thrash metal ever to be heard. The album opens with probably one of the most retrospect of riffs, but suddenly summersaults you into the gloriously dissonant and immersive Aura Noir atmosphere. The soaring and burning shouts of Aggressor intensely glues the otherwise quite varied and playful guitar riffs and drums together, culminating into the essence of thrash that is Aura Noir!

Aura Noir Tracklist:

  1. Dark Lung Of The Storm
  2. Grave Dweller
  3. Hell’s Lost Chambers
  4. The Obscuration
  5. Demoniac Flow
  6. Shades Ablaze
  7. Mordant Wind
  8. Cold Bone Grasp
  9. Outro

*listen to linked-green songs above 

“”Shades Ablaze” is one of the few tracks on the album featuring Apollyon on vocals. One of the faster songs. Watch out for Apollyon’s South American inspired drumming near the end. A homage to old Sarcophago and ancient Sepultura.” – Aggressor


  • Aggressor – Bass, Vocals
  • Apollyon – Drums, Vocals
  • Blasphemer – Guitar

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