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Ataraxie formed nearly 20 years ago, and has become a mastodon of the Extreme Doom scene throughout the years, with three impressive full-lengths and countless gigs and festival appearances. It was more than time for Ataraxie (counting past and present members of Bethlehem, Conviction, Sordide, Void Paradigm, Wormfood…within its ranks) to give birth to 2013’s highly-praised “L’être et la nausée”!

Currently at the final mixing stages, the album, titled “Résignés” (“resigned”) -again produced by Sylvain Biguet (Impureza, Trepalim, Disowning…)- is set for a Winter 2018 release as a cooperation between Xenocorp (vinyl, cassette & digital), Deadlight (CD) and Weird Truth (CD) with total running time varying from approximately 80 to 95 minutes of the most twisted, wicked and dark Extreme Doom ever, reaching new levels of demented obscurity that fans of “L’être et la nausée” and lvers of everything mixing influences from Dark Metal, Old-School Death Metal, Funeral Doom, Black / Doom and whatnot darkly insane alike will definitely love!

Winter 2018 – Prepare to Meet Thy Extreme Doom!

Ataraxie Discography

2018-9 – “Résignés“
2017 – “L’être et la nausée“ [vinyl reissue – XenoKorp]
2013 – “L’être et la nausée“
2011 – “Project X” [10th anniversary compilation]
2009 – “Schatten aus der… Bethlehem” [six-way split]
2009 – “Bethlehem Bastards” [split with Imindain]
2008 – “Anhédonie“
2005 – “Slow Transcending Agony“

Ataraxie Line-Up

  • Jonathan Théry – Bass & Vocals
  • Frédéric Patte-Brasseur – Guitars
  • Hugo Gaspar – Guitars
  • Julien Payan – Guitars
  • Pierre Sénécal – Drums

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