Ad Patres Just Unleashed “Symbiosick” Debut Single

Ad Patres

French Death Metal heavy-weights Ad Patres just unleashed “Symbiosick”, debut single from their anticipated second full-length, “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments” due out via Xenokorp on February 15, 2019 on CD, LP & Digital.

The album draws a somber parallel between psychology and religion, blurring the thin line between those two mind-manipulation “schools” clearly showing psychology is the new Christianity and psychanalysts the new inquisitors of the “right way of thinking” through a relentless, pure Death Metal, album that dissects both (religion and psychology) through a part each, like twisting the brain in a split wide open skull.

“Symbiosick”, the single, is the fifth song from the album, closing its first part, the one about psychology. Not recommended for the faint of heart, this is French Haute Suture!

Ad Patres is:

  • Axel DOUSSAUD – Vocals
  • Olivier BOUSQUET – Guitars
  • Pierre-Yves MARANI – Guitars
  • Arnaud PECOSTE – Bass
  • Alsvid – Drums

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