Vessel of Light to Release New Single “Meant To Be”

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After rumors began to swirl earlier this year about guitarist Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction, The Cursed) teaming up with vocalist/percussionist Nathan Opposition (of occult rockers Ancient VVisdom) to form a new metal project, fans were abuzz with curiosity. The wait is now over – the new doom rock/metal project, dubbed Vessel of Light, has officially signed to Italian label Argonauta Records (with U.S. distro from Cobraside) and have revealed the first track off of their upcoming self-titled EP, officially out November 3. The dark, murky track, “Meant To Be”, is streaming now via YouTube, and can also be viewed HERE.

In addition to releasing a stream of the track, Vessel of Light is offering it now for download via iTunes here. The EP itself is available to pre-order via Argonauta Records.

“For the last decade, since I recorded The Cursed album with Bobby Blitz from Overkill, I haven’t really felt the desire to jam music with anybody. I’ve had offers to join a few bands, but I’ve always considered myself more of a songwriter than a “real” musician,” says Dan Lorenzo. “I never wanted to join somebody else’s band.”

That all changed earlier this year when Lorenzo first heard tracks by the band Ancient VVisdom out of Cleveland. After discovering the band and becoming inspired to promote their sound by writing about them in New Jersey entertainment publication Steppin’ Out Magazine, Lorenzo knew he wanted more from the connection – he wanted a collaboration.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to any other songs so many times repeatedly as I did with those Ancient VVisdom tracks,” continues Lorenzo. “Very little in the way of new music moves me. Afier I wrote about them, I mailed their singer Nathan Opposition a copy of the magazine and we stayed in touch. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to write some music with him, but I was too proud to ask him for fear of rejection, probably.”

As if it were meant to be, Nathan Opposition began discussing the possibility of writing with Lorenzo. The two immediately began working out song ideas, and not long after, Opposition had written lyrics and melodies to all of them. The two connected in Cleveland a month later and recorded the entire EP in that time.

“I guess everything aligned – it was the right timing and Dan was right person because we immediately agreed we should actually start a project. Before I knew it, he was sending me riffs and I had lyrics flowing like a faucet,” says Opposition. Lorenzo adds, “Recording the record was intoxicating. I don’t drink or do drugs, but I was “high” as f-ck on my drive home. I was beyond excited about what Vessel of Light just recorded.”

After doing some research, Lorenzo came upon Italian record label Argonauta Records, who quickly connected and signed a deal. “When Gero from Argonauta replied I knew it was the right call and the right label. Thanks to Argonauta, the world will soon here the magic Nathan and I have captured with Vessel of Light. We’re very happy to be with them.”

Gero of Argonauta Records adds, “When I got the chance to work with Vessel of Light, it only took me few minutes to realize I had this fine opportunity to team-up with these talented musicians. I knew the story of Dan Lorenzo and his past in the metal scene and I’m a first-day fan of Nathan Opposition and his main band Ancient VVisdom. Once I heard the early mix of their work, I immediately knew I needed this album released through Argonauta. I was totally captivated by its crafting vocals and unrelenting, massive guitars.”

For updates, stay tuned to Vessel of Light’s social media leading up to the release of the new EP.

Vessel of Light EP track listing:

  1. Where My Garden Grows
  2. Dead Flesh and Bone
  3. Meant To Be
  4. Descend Into Death
  5. Vessel of Light
  6. Living Dead To The World

Vessel of Light is:

  • Dan Lorenzo – guitars, bass
  • Nathan Opposition – drums, vocals

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