Ufomammut Single, “Core” is Now Playing via Decibel Mag

Ufomammut album cover for "8"

With the release of Ufomammut’s eighth LP, 8, the band presents a visual accompaniment for the album’s thundering “Core,” which is now playing at Decibel Magazine.

Recorded at Crono Sound Factory in Vimodrone, Milano, Italy, 8 is a major turning point in the heavy alchemic arts, with the elements of Ufomammut’s recording constellation being re-aligned. Although the musicians within the collective remain unturned, a change in recording approach saw the trio playing and recording live together in the same room, even utilizing their live sound engineer Ciccio and his project Femore for production purposes, with Fabrizio San Pietro on mixing duties. Overdubs were used only for vocals, synth sounds, and minor details, with the result of the endeavor being a stricter focus on the soul, darkened groove, and overall cohesion of the music and themselves as musicians. In turn, 8 clarified to Ufomammut who they are as a unit now and their new sonic path…

Decibel offers, “Psychedelic doom titans Ufomammut have increased both the psychedelic and the doom on their new record, 8. Containing eight tracks of flattening and mind-bending metal, the trio make it clear that almost two decades in, they’re still pushing sonic boundaries. On ‘Core,’ the album’s sixth song, Ufomammut employ psychedelia that pulses and swirls around walls of guitars that sound like the work of a much larger band. Buried beneath the thick layers of sound are bassist/keyboardist Ulo’s vocals; combined with the psychedelic elements, it’s almost possible to believe that ‘Core’ is an alien transmission.”

8 was released on vinyl and CD formats via Neurot Recordings, and on a limited and regular edition vinyl via Ufomammut’s Supernatural Cat label; the limited edition 7″ for the “Warsheep” single is out now.

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