The Rift Has Joined Zombie Shark Records’ Label Roster

The Rift wins Zombie Shark Records' Battle of the Bands deal and gets added to the label's roster

Zombie Shark Records is pleased to announce the addition of The Rift from Los Angeles, California to the label roster. The band has released a wildly entertaining music video for the track “Rock Narcotic” directed by Moshpit Media. The single was produced by Amit Ofir and Daniel Brecher. The group is making plans to record their next upcoming full-length in the coming months. The band is reminiscent of artists such as Muse, Highly Suspect, System of a Down, 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys, and Nothing More.

The Rift has released the following statement, regarding the signing, “This is another step forward in our careers and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and our fans with Zombie Shark Records. It’s incredibly exciting for us to be apart of the Zombie Shark family, we’re going to make some big things happen.”

The Rift are a hard rock trio based out of Los Angeles with an edgy, driving twist on rock music. Traditionally, a rift is an open space. It’s a place of possibility and promise. Los Angeles hard rock trio THE RIFT lives up to its moniker. Bassist John Anagnos remarks, “The name is the best way to describe the band, what we do, and the experience we portray live. The songs are meant to be an opening, and there’s a lot you can find within them.”

That openness has solidified the group – brothers Aris and John Anagnos, along with Ovais Malik [drums] – as one of Southern California’s most thrilling new rock upstarts. Since forming in 2009, the musicians have played alongside the likes of Exodus, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Misfits, and many more; as well as receiving nominations at the Hollywood Music Awards and Ventura County Music Awards. 2016’s full-length debut ‘Inventions’ crystallizes their one-two punch of technically intricate instrumentation and hypnotic hard rook hooks; evocative of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters. “We wanted to make songs that hit hard, but you can sing along to at the same time,” adds Aris. “Sometimes, we go bluesy-rock and other times there are tinges of punk/metal. We explore different styles while keeping a solid, real sound.”

Punctuated by longtime friend Ovais’s impenetrable percussion, it’s the familial bond between the brothers that brings another dimension to THE RIFT. “Being family helps with the collaborative process,” adds John. “We tend to think along the same lines. There’s a certain magic to it. If I was playing with anybody else, it wouldn’t necessarily be there. We’ve got something special.”

“We hope people can relate the songs,” concludes Aris. John leaves off, “I want listeners to escape from their reality for a little while. We want them to connect on a deep level, so they have something inspiring to fall into.”

The band performed a private VIP label showcase for Zombie Shark Records at Unfriendly Studios in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, March 3rd with label mates Dirty Machine (CA), Riksha (UT), JUNK (TX), and Natas Lived (UT).

The Rift is:

  • Aris Anagnos – Guitars and Vocals
  • John Anagnos – Bass
  • Ovais Malik – Drums

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