The Maension Releases Their New Video for “Say It!”

The Maension Releases Their New Video for "Say It!"

The Maension, the Hollywood-based heavy metal band has never shied away from confronting issues, but with this album, the band chose to hit them head-on.

The video, from The Maension’s upcoming Raevolution release, depicts the band as a group of hackers who successfully hack into a worldwide media system to spread The Maension’s Raevolution message using the hashtags #TheMaension #Raevolution (searchable on all social media sites).

The video has a relevance that extends far beyond music in light of today’s troubling new reports of data breaches. “The gap between the average Joe and the 0.1% keeps increasing, said Mark Maension. “Our privacy has been taken away, our rights slowly eroded by laws passed using fear generated by fake news and fake wars. Meanwhile politicians on both sides keep lining their pockets with campaign funds instead of representing ‘We the People.’”Maension album cover for Raevolution

“Lyrically I had a very clear direction for this album,” Mark said. “In the past I was quite cryptic and psychedelic with my lyrics, but I wanted to go the opposite direction for this one and be as direct and simple as I could, which is counter-nature for me. I gotta say touring in so many countries and for that long, really affected us at many levels. People tend to think in a very localized way about life and the issues they face every day. It was very interesting to me noticing how people from each country had fundamentally the same issues as anyone elsewhere, yet it appeared to them those issue were their very own. Media is really moving public opinion where they are paid to move it, and it is very hard to realize it when all you experience is life in one place.” The video for “Say It!” was shot in Caserta, Italy during their 2017 European tour at the Ex Saint Gobain, an abandoned warehouse from the ’60s just a couple miles away from the largest royal residence in the world, King’s Palace Reggia Di Caserta.

The Maension will embark on the Revolution World Tour this April, which will include an appearance at Rocklahoma 2018. Join the movement!

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