Temtris To Release Fifth Studio Album Worldwide, “Rapture”

Temtris album cover for "Rapture"

Sydney’s female fronted heavy metal band, Temtris, just released their 5th studio album Rapture through Battlegod Productions. The album is already available in Australia since 1 October. Immediately after the Australian release, Temtris embarked on their Australia and New Zealand tour which is still ongoing with shows in Newcastle, Wollongong, Wellington and Auckland in November, December and January.

Rapture captures the true essence of what Heavy Metal is all about. Genevieve’s vocals are a major highlight and the musicianship is far more advanced then their previous albums. By far this is their best album in song structures, production and performance. This is mirrored by the many reviews, the album has received. Here are some of them:Temtris

“is a heavy, catchy headbangers album” –Silvertiger Media

“From the land down under we get “Rapture” from the mighty Temtris, a ten-track giant let by the hugely talented Genevieve Rodda on Vocals, the face melting Guitars of Anthony Fox, Anthony Hoffman combined with the killer rhythm section of Youhan Avraham Dermo Drums and Nik Wilks on Bass guitar we have one pure molten ramping Metal Album to please the masses.” –Azaria Magazine

“This is the album that sees the band kicking down the door to the international departure lounge at Sydney Airport, screaming ‘we’re ready to take on the world!” –Sentinel Daily

Temtris is a five piece act from the south of Sydney, Australia. They formed in 2000 and have released their albums Threshold (2003), Masquerade (2007), Shallow Grave (2014) and Enter The Asylum (2016). They have played shows all over Australia and supported Accept (GER) in 2014. Besides their current Australia tour, they are also planning to tour overseas in the near future.

Temtris Lineup:

  • Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
  • Anthony Fox – Guitar
  • Nik – Bass
  • Youhan AD – Drums
  • Anthony Hoffman – Guitar

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