Taco Mouth Launches Video for “Let’s Get A Little Bit”

Taco Mouth Launches Video for "Let's Get A Little Bit"

Taco Mouth launches itself in 2018 with a revisit to an old band inspired by old school, ‘in your face’ rock ‘n roll. Followers of The Dead Deads will know two of Taco Mouth’s members really well. Erica Sellers and Angela Lese (formerly known as Betty Dead and Billy Dead, respectively) have formed a new band…sort of. Erica and Angie met in Louisville in 2011 and formed a band together called CatFight, where Erica wrote all the lyrics and music. After having regional success, Angie moved to Nashville in 2012, which proved difficult for the band to operate long distance. Erica followed Angie to Nashville in the Fall of 2013, simultaneously as The Dead Deads started, so CatFight was put on hold.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2017 when The Dead Deads participated in a workshop with Michael Wagener (producer/mixer/engineer – Dokken, Metallica, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, Accept, etc.). Following that workshop, Wagener approached Angie about recording some more music later in the summer.

“Angela played me some music written by Erica; I loved it and I thought that it was some real and honest rock music,” Wagener stated. Angie and Erica thought why not re-record the old CatFight stuff? It’s what brought Erica to Nashville in the first place, so working with Wagener provided an opportunity to revive her brain child. The project was renamed Taco Mouth, and five songs were recorded this past September.

Working with a legend like Wagener could be intimidating, but he makes it incredibly fun. “Working with Wagener was amazing. I felt like I could be myself in the studio, which made the flow of the creative process incredibly laid back and easy,” Sellers said.

On the recordings, Erica sang and played guitar, Angie played drums, Shawn Hammer (guitarist, sound engineer) played bass and guitar, and close friend Hannah Fairlight (Pitch Perfect 3, mmhmm) sang lead vocals.

The original plan was not to develop a band out of recording with Wagener, but with Erica and Angie out of The Dead Deads in October, they decided to pursue it with full force. Shawn Hammer joined the band as well as bassist Flip Cooper (Rearview Ghost). In November, Erica Dilanjian joined the group as lead vocalist (Lady E and the Black Light, En Esch, Lords of Acid), forming what feels like a creative powerhouse, a band with seasoned musicians meant to perform together.

Taco Mouth just released their new EP, which “…is fun, sexy and politically amplified with melodies inspired by our rock ‘n roll influences,” Sellers said.

Their rock ‘n roll influences? The Ramones, The Kinks, MC5, The Runaways, The Clash, etc. (“in with the ‘old’”). The band has led with their first single “Let’s Get a Little Bit,” a high-energy song about partying. Dance beats, old school rock riffs, and an undeniable chorus; if the first single is any indication of where Taco Mouth is headed, then you’ll want to stick around to see what the rest of 2018 brings. Taco Mouth’s EP entitled “W.G.A.F.” is available now (links below). A full-length album will be released later this summer, which will also be produced by Michael Wagener (Fall 2018).

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