Swimming With Sharks presents Making Waves Magazine Volume 2

Making Waves Magazine Volume 2

Swimming With Sharks Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of Making Waves Magazine Volume 2! Thousands of copies of the mag will be passed out at this years NAMM Convention in Anaheim, California. The most recent issue features famed heavy metal ambassador, Metal Sanaz on the cover.

A FREE digital copy of the magazine and sampler can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

The magazine features new music, bands, industry advice, articles, and more. Launched in 2017, the publication has released tens of thousands of physical copies and distributed them all over the country at major concerts and festivals.

Editor in chief, Noah “Shark” Robertson states, “I am very pleased to announce the launch of Making Waves Magazine! Volume 2 is out here! I want to thank all the awesome companies, sponsors, and bands for being involved and making this a reality! And I want to extend a great, big THANK YOU to Shaunna Heth, the lead designer on this project! Together we have created something truly awesome! Thanks for the continued love and support!”

Making Waves Sampler Volume 2 Tracklist:

  1. The Rift – “Rock Narcotic”
  2. Come to Dolly – “Break it Back Down”
  3. Lethal Injektion – “Blinding Light”
  4. Slant – “Dissonance”
  5. Killing Tyranny – “Douche”
  6. OUTDrejas – “Promise”
  7. Dead Atlantic – “Your Bones”
  8. Casket Robbery – “Pockets Lined With Flowers”
  9. Psykotribe – “Vengeance”
  10. OrderSixtySix – “Again”
  11. Dreamkillers – “Bad Juju”
  12. Machines on Blast – “Chemical Coma”
  13. Era of Discord – “Buried Beneath”
  14. Severed Sun – “Strength Judged By Power”
  15. Eye Remain – “Waste of Skin”
  16. Deshrived – “Shattered Dreams”
  17. Deiform – “My End”

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