Italy’s Sound Storm Presents New Official Line-up

Sound Storm

Italian epic metallers, Sound Storm, are both excited, and proud, to introduce the new members who have recently joined the symphonic metal band.

Now made up of 7 experienced musicians each bringing their own elements to the music, Sound Storm will feature two different style of vocals both of which are quite different from the previous singers.

Due to ex members’ quitting over the years (due to personal decisions), the band wanted something different than before. Sound Storm is a continuous evolutionary process, and these changes are just the start of their revolution.

The new line-up is made of:

  • Chiara Tricarico – Vocals
  • Andrea Racco – Vocals
  • Valerio Sbriglione – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
  • Elena Crolle – Keyboards and Piano
  • Massimiliano Flak – Bass
  • Rocco Mirarchi – Rhythm Guitar
  • Mattia Rubino – Drums

Sound Storm know their fans will give the warmest welcome to Chiara, Andrea and Mattia as permanent members of the band both in the studio and live activities as they are immensely talented and will help the band reach new heights. The new members will have their official touring debut with Sound Storm in September and October alongside the mighty Haggard on the upcoming “Bards of Symphony and Metal” tour, it will definitely be a blast!

Sound Storm is a symphonic/epic metal band with 3 official albums released so far, for fans of Epica, Nightwish, Wintersun.

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