Solbrud Releases Vemod LP Worldwide

[photo by Henrik Moberg Jessen]

The third full-length offering from Copenhagen-based Solbrud, Vemod – a grandiose, storming, bleak piece of art foreseeing the demise of mankind carried forward by the band’s unique brand of black metal – is out today worldwide, a co-release between Indisciplinarian and Vendetta Records.

Stateside, Invisible Oranges issues, “Solbrud keep their black metal on the more pastoral side; nice and majestic, with a strong ‘folk’ presence,” and Metal Injection praises, “their new melancholic masterpiece, Vemod, is an essential listen for any fan of atmospheric black metal, and brings the listener on an ethereal ride that haunts with emotion and vigor from beginning to end.” Leading Danish metal mag Metalized calls the album “An atmospheric and excellent album…” and rates it 9 out of 10, while Devilution rates it 5 out of 5 and proclaims that, “the band masters all disciplines of black metal, which makes them an indispensable and extremely relevant contribution…”

Solbrud’s Vemod is streaming in its entirety RIGHT HERE. US orders for the LP can be placed at Earsplit Distro HERE, and international orders can be placed at Indisciplinarian HERE and Vendetta Records HERE.

Vemod strongly consolidates Solbrud as a band with a special, artistic vision as already shown on their prior albums, Solbrud (2012) and Jærtegn (2014). Vemod is a vivid display of Solbrud’s wuthering and highly expressive black metal that is accompanied by a pessimistic view on mankind but also expresses a profound affection for nature, our origin and its forces around and within us. As the previous album, Vemod was recorded with producer Lasse Ballade (Orm, Halshug, Slægt) in his Ballade Studios in Copenhagen, while the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow) has overseen the mastering. Like the band’s two previous albums, the record consists of four tracks, which this time makes up a playing time of fifty epic and intense minutes.

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