Rebel Wizard Streams “The Warning Of One”, Cassette EP Release

Rebel Wizard

Stream / Share Rebel Wizard’s “The One I Call” at THIS LOCATION.

The Warning Of One EP is the latest output from cryptic, negative metal act Rebel Wizard. Offering up four brand new anti-shamanic anthems, The Warning Of One is set for release on August 18th via Prosthetic Records, on cassette and digital formats.

As a precursor to its release, today Invisible Oranges is debuting closing track “The One I Call.” Notes Rebel Wizard mastermind NKSV of the track, “The final pre-fetal, non-mantra from The Warning Of One whereupon returning to ‘the call’ we find ourselves perpetually lacerated. Riffs pummel through the digestive system of esoteric indifference to excrete mystical nonchalance. The warnings of ‘one’ continue to propagate forevermore.”

Adds the esteemed blog, “Some might not expect Australian multi-instrumentalist Bob ‘NKSV’ Nekrasov to make such fun music, his eponymous project finding solace in buzzing, crispy, enveloping noise textures, but Rebel Wizard is his own musical foil. Self-described as ‘negative metal,’ Rebel Wizard’s melding of black and heavy metal sounds more like if the impetus of black metal’s second wave was less critical, more context-based, and at least a little self-aware. On his latest EP, The Warning Of One, this manifests as some unholy mixture of frigid, Norse melodies and riffs which would make KK Downing and Glenn Tipton grin. There are a lot of things which can be said about rebel wizard, but its all-encompassing persona is fun. For something meant to be ‘negative,’ there is a sort of ‘checking out metal for the first time’ vibe; even I found myself smiling and headbanging at my desk when listening to this.”

Hear “The One I Call,” courtesy of Invisible Oranges, at THIS LOCATION.

In case you missed it, hear opening psalm, “The One I Seek,” at THIS LOCATION. Pre-order The Warning Of One HERE.

A creation from Australian musician NKSV, who’s most well-known for his work with the black metal/noise group Nekrasov, Rebel Wizard’s delivery is difficult to sum up with one simple label. While containing traces of black and thrash metal roots, with a touch of NWOBHM and the epicness of power metal, NKSV has coined the term “negative metal” to describe Rebel Wizard’s unique output. Negative metal, as defined by NKSV, is an, “anarchic alchemical process of outsider energies respecting the power of traditional triumphant metal into a unique sound to smash out the coerced gloom and banality of our times.” The term is not meant to be construed with the sense of depression or nihilism, but instead to focus on self-negation, a doing away of limiting one’s full potential by limiting oneself to a category or label. Rebel Wizard seeks to destroy any hindrance of this sort with triumphant pounding fists.

Formed in 2012 by NKSV, Rebel Wizard acts on instinct and has absorbed the emotional impact of over thirty years of listening to various metal genres to develop his inborn sound heard starting with the release of a self-titled demo in 2013 through five EPs in 2015, a mini-album, and most recent full-length album Triumph Of Gloom, reissued via Prosthetic earlier this year.

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