Reaper-X Release debut, “Rise” via Sliatrick Records

Reaper X

British thrash metal group Reaper-X arrive on the scene with their debut album Rise, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records. The album consists of 9 tracks, each with its own story to tell and covering a range of topics and current day events such as war, suicide and even simply going to metal shows to mosh and have a good time.

The album starts with a dark and looming instrumental entitled Death Resurrected that sets the tone for the album.

Instantly afterwards, you are met with Carl’s monstrous drum solo that starts the track Blood In The Air. Scott Austin’s powerful vocals kick in and give a clear sense of what this song portrays which is that Reaper-X mean business, with vocal lines such as “we’re here to destroy, we’re here to make noise” giving an adrenaline fueled deliverance on the topic.

The following track Reaper is a dark, brooding, slow paced song which mirrors its title, deep heavy low end guitar and almost limerick style vocals make this track hard and heavy throughout.

The song Fury In Flames is a flashback to all of the thrash metal of old with lots of palm muted riffs and solos and catchy chorus lines that made thrash metal so popular to begin with.

In a change of pace, Adrift shows the diversity of the band as it is a ballad of sorts, combining clean guitar and vocals with the more aggressive distorted guitars and solos. This is really Scott Austin’s moment as he shows off his vocal range and portrayal of emotion through his voice. Mark Innocent also delivers a powerful and emotional solo to close out the song.

The track Diplomatic Solution is a perfect mix of hardcore metal with a hint of power metal as the dynamics of the song change throughout, touching on powerful subjects such as war, this track is very complex.

Then comes the albums title track entitled Rise. This song is slow and heavy with catchy lyrics and breakdowns throughout, encouraging people to “rise up” against violence and stand their ground through impossible odds.

Red Menace follows and is a fast, aggressive song touching on the subject of communism and oppression. It is full of melody and high energy segments to get the blood flowing.

Finally, the album closes with Noose which tells a story of dealing with suicide. With its hard and aggressive style followed by its clean melodic chorus, tells the tale from both sides and ends with the decent into madness which is portrayed by the quickness in tempo and the shred solo that closes out the album

Track Listing:

  1. Death Resurrected
  2. Blood In The Air
  3. Reaper
  4. Fury In Flames
  5. Adrift
  6. Diplomatic Solution
  7. Rise
  8. Red Menace
  9. Noose

Mixed mastered and produced by Neil Hudson at Initiate audio and media.

Reaper-X are:

  • Scott Austin – Vocals
  • Mark Innocent – Lead Guitar
  • Drew Reilly – Rhythm Guitar
  • Carl Sheldrick – Drums
  • Jake Coles – Bass Guitar

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