Ralph Santolla in Coma After Blood Clot, Heart Attack

Ralph Santolla with an acoustic guitar, courtesy of his Myspace account: https://myspace.com/ralphsantolla2/mixes/classic-my-photos-363767/photo/91646953

Ralph Santolla, former guitarist for Deicide, Obituary, and Death, is in a coma after having a heart attack this past Tuesday night.

This past Saturday, Santolla went to the hospital for what he thought was a spider bite, but turned out to be a blood clot. That next Tuesday, he suffered a heart attack and needed CPR until EMTs arrived.

According to his mother, they got his heart started up again, and he’s able to breathe on his own, but the doctors have decided to keep him on a breathing machine to minimize the stress his body’s going through as it recovers from the coma.

Ralph Santolla is at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, FL.

Read more about the details and his condition at MetalSucks.

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