Nydvind Release 3rd Album After 8 Years, “Tetramental”



Releasing a 2003 debut, “Eternal Winter Domain” that took the Pagan / Viking Metal scene by storm and got Nydvind to support Kampfar throughout Europe in 2006 along with a reissue of the album through Adipocere Records, the band created by Hingard (Monolithe, Bran Barr…) in 2000 celebrated its tenth anniversary with the release of their long-awaited second full-length, “Sworm to the Elders” (Trollzorn Records, 2010) soon followed by a split 7″ with Hungarian Black Metalers Bornholm (Ancestrale Productions, 2011) and three new singles on a quite yearly basis from 2012 to 2015 before joining the Malpermesita Records ranks in 2017 along their comrades of Azziard with who they’re sharing guitarist Nesh (End of Mankind, ex-The Negation…).

“Seas of Oblivion” the new chapter in the Nydvind history, the first part of a saga titled “Tetramental”, is a captivating maritime adventure in eight chapters that sails the listener back in time and to as-of-yet unknown lands, facing the wrath of elements and what dwells deep below the primeval waters, a 66 minutes long journey you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

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