Novareign Premiers “Heavy Heart” from Legends Debut, Out Feb 16


Influenced by bands like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater to Dragonforce and Angra, Novareign is the next generation of Progressive Power Metal telling stories in musical literature speaking to a generation influenced by epic fantasy tales, comic books and video games. Having made a reputation for themselves through energy-abounding live shows filled with nonstop shredding guitar interplay and powerful traditional metal vocals Novareign will debut their album on Feb. 16th via M-Theory Audio. Legends is an hour-plus of over-the-top, shred-tastic epic, yet melodic, power and progressive metal. heory Audio. Legends is an hour-plus of over-the-top, shred-tastic epic, yet melodic, power and progressive metal. Take a listen to the next sample from the album, the new single “Heavy Heart”.

“’Heavy Heart’ is the collaborative of [former Exmortus guitarist] Balmore Lemus and [vocalist] David Marquez. While Lemus had stored the guitar melodies in his back pocket for years, lyrics composed by Marquez spawned the appropriate time for the song to make its outing into the world,” explains guitarist Danny Nobel. “It is no secret that the number of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or anger is running rampant. It’s a heartbreaking topic that caught the eye of David, who felt that it was too important to be ignored, and deserved to be addressed. The lyrics remind anyone who suffers that they can always rise above the pain, to remember that they are not alone, and there is always a choice.”

“There is something that can’t help but to fascinate me with tracks like ‘Heavy Heart’ with their high powered guitarmonies. There is a level of compositional excellence here that hearkens back not just to Shrapnel Records but also the work of neoclassical composers like Paganini. Of course, within this all there is a great sense of fun, padded out by fantasy inspired lyrics and all sorts of tasty little flourishes that only serve to make Legends one of the most addictive power metal records I’ve heard in a long time.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“Nothing short of supremely impressive… [they] appear to have all the ingredients to carry the torch for years to come.” – Metal Assault

Novareign’s Upcoming LIve Shows:

  • 2/9 – PBW – Pomona, CA with Witchaven, Macrocosm & Nyctophile
  • 2/17 – DiPiazza’s – Long Beach, CA (headlining record release show)
  • 3/2 – The Slidebar – Fullerton, CA with Act of Defiance & Shattered Sun

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