Mithridatic Premieres Video, “He Who Lies Underneath”


In 2007, Blackened Death Metal dark matter particles aggregated and formed Mithridatic. In 2015, they unleashed their debut single, “The Hunt Is On“. In 2016, they burst immense blasts of dark energy, “Miserable Miracle“, their debut, followed by a full European irradiation with Nile and Melechesh and countless gigs creating the new black hole you’re about to discover: “He Who Lies Underneath“.

Filmed with multiple cameras and professionally recorded in their hometown of Saint-Etienne, France, “He Who Lies Underneath” is a full concert that will plunge the audience into a whirlwind of a nauseating, oppressing and sickening experience through nine tracks retracing the band’s ten years-long carreer featuring not only songs from “Miserable Miracle“, but also from “The Hunt Is On” and more.

In a time musicianship reaches unbelievable technical levels and technology helps any band sounding huge on stage, what makes a real difference is the ability for artists to create a real experience for the audience ; an experience that’s often sadly only based on visual gimmicks and an orthodox “Metal” imagery but few are the ones that, out of pure presence and thank to a razor-sharp song-writing exploring personal inner struggles and channeling psychological experiences, are transcending it all through a real live embodiment and create a nearly ritualistic atmosphere that will leave its mark on the listener’s mind.

Mithridatic is definitely one of these few gifted artists and “He Who Lies Underneath” one of these captivating live experiences and it will be available on most VOD and audio / video streaming / download platforms on January 19, 2018.

“He Who Lies Underneath” Track List:

  • The Supply…
  • …For Terror and the Crowd
  • Miserable Miracle
  • Hunting Fever
  • Dispense the Adulterated
  • Abraxas
  • Hell Compasses Points
  • Oxydized Trigger Sabotage
  • I Will Harm
  • Total Running Time: 44:11
  • Discography
  • 2017 – “He Who Lies Underneath“ [Live]
  • 2016 – “Miserable Miracle“
  • 2015 – “The Hunt Is On“ [Single]

Mithridatic Line Up:

  • Guitou – Vocals
  • Romain Sanchez – Guitars
  • Alexandre Brosse – Guitars
  • Remolow – Bass
  • Kévin Paradis – Drums

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