Missiles of October Offers New “Better Days” Album, Free

Better Days album cover by MISSILES OF OCTOBER

Missiles of October is giving away their new album, “Better Days”, which is out now on CD,LP, tape, and digital, for free!

Better Days is on Pogo Records, Ebus Music, Trummer Records, Bonobo STMP, Forbidden Place, What’s for Breakfast, and Skate Pizza Records. Download it HERE.

Missiles of October is a Belgian band, formed in 2012, by 3 “old guys” who enjoy playing a dirty rock, heavy and powerful, sludge vs. punk vs. noise rock for fans of bands like Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Mc Lusky, Unwound, etc. With 2 albums, 3 EP’s, and about 90 crazy gigs in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, and Germany, they get an impressive live reputation. They’ve played with Big Business, Cosmic Psychos, Whores., Philm (usa), Progerians, Speedozer, Dÿse, Jucifer (us), Hard Ons (Au), Grant National (De), Vandal-X (Be), Stinking Lizaveta (US), King Phantom (fr), Clarkys Bacon (De), Don Vito (De), Anomalys (Nl), Membrane (fr), Revok (fr), The Lumberjack Feedback (fr), La jungle, Morkobot (it), Frau Blucher, L’effondras, Remote, Animal Youth , Nine Eleven, and more. Their new album, “Better Days”, offers up ten tracks of raw and dirty sounding punk, grunge, sludge, and noise rock. Check it out HERE.

The CD version of “Better Days: is available:

New Release Coming Soon:

  • Don’t Panic » TAPE reissue in Argentina by Atomic Bomb Records – april 2017
  • Don’t Panic » CD reissue in USA by Forbidden Place Records – october 2017

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