Miracle Drug Debuts “War Within” Video

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Louisville’s Miracle Drug has released their debut EP, “How Much Is Enough”, and can be streamed on WAR Records. Following its release, the band issues a new video for the record’s “Grudge,” through an exclusive premiere at Exclaim! Magazine.

Issues Miracle Drug vocalist Bricks Avalon of the track, “I have always wanted the people who have wronged me to fully pay for the pain that they have caused me. I have always cringed at the thought of their lack of suffering. For years I would hold onto this grudge until it became an outdated obsession that was eating at my own personal progression and peace. I am to release, forgive, and move beyond daily.”

The “Grudge” video was directed and edited by Andrew Kline and Eric Thompson for PushOneStop. Kline, also of WAR Records and Strife, offers, “I wanted to create a narrative that would reflect the meaning of the song without being too obvious. The video starts with a young girl watching her past life on a TV screen. You can see that she was haunted and always running away from something in her past. The video ends with her standing up and changing that.”

Exclaim! publishes, “The hyper-stylized clip focuses on the band playing, reduced to halftones instead of in full-color, with some clips interspersed of a girl running and ultimately smashing the TV in which the band’s jam session is occurring. The type of TV (think one of those clunky boxes sitting in the guest room at your grandparents’ house) is certainly apt, with the sound approximating when the best hardcore came from DC back in the 1980s – but Miracle Drug’s sound is anything but dated.”

Miracle Drug: “War Within” (Official Video):

Miracle Drug continues to tour on the new EP, with sets at Matter Fest, Flyover Fest, and more planned, and additional dates pending announcement.

About Miracle Drug:

Miracle Drug was founded by members of Mouthpiece, By The Grace Of God, C.R., Supertouch, and other notable hardcore/punk quartet acts. With a sound that spans different generations of hardcore, MIRACLE DRUG puts their own spin on a sound crafted in the ’80s by bands like Swiz and Dag Nasty, mixing it with a more chaotic and noisy brand of hardcore played by such ’90s hardcore bands as Sparkmarker, 108, Refused, and Threadbare.

The band prefers to live in the present, existing in the moment, channeling the experiences of the past through the energy and excitement of the future. Recorded by Will Allard (Xerxes, Whips/Chains) at his Dot Complex studio in Louisville, How Much is Enough is a six-song blast of raw, aggressive, yet melodic-tinged hardcore that should satisfy both fans of the early Revelation Records catalog and late ’80s D.C. hardcore.

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