Kairos New Album ”Queen Of The Hill” Is Out Now!

Kairos band members (5 guys) under a viaduct by a river

Swedish heavy metal youngsters Kairos has released their new album ”Queen Of The Hill”.

”This is a heavy, intense, explosive, and progressive album that combines old school heavy metal with something new, fresh and exciting.”

About Kairos

Gothenburg, Sweden based heavy metallers Kairos was formed in early 2013, their self-produced/mixed debut album “Wicked Callings” came out in 2015, via Bleeding Music Records, followed up by a two weeks’ tour in Europe and a number of shows in Sweden. The band toured, as main support, with the German metal gods U.D.O. in Russia in November 2018. With a new, unique sound the band released their new full-length album, entitled ”Queen of the Hill”.

Kairos, in Greek, means “time”, in the sense of an occasion, rather than an extent. When asked about the meaning behind their name, Tom Hamstrom replied, “For us, “Kairos” means “The right time.” To us, the right time is now. If you’ve got something you’re passionate for in life, throw your heart and soul into it – no point waiting around! We love everything about heavy metal–rocking hard on stage, listening to great bands, and just enjoying life with the people around us is what we all live and breathe for.”

”Queen Of The Hill” tracklist:

1. Reckless Dedication
2. Strike While the Iron Is Hot
3. Mr. Nocturne
4. Silver Heart
5. Japanese Steel
6. Merciless Domine
7. Enchanted Age
8. Queen of the Hill

Check out their new, official video for “Strike While the Iron Is Hot” here:

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