Ironguard Releases “Free Again” off New, Towards Victory


Building on the foundation laid by Fire Empire (2011), Towards Victory expands on the sound of Ironguard with 8 all-new songs and two re-recorded classics!

The album is built on a “do-it-yourself” attitude, as it is almost entirely self-produced, as well as mixed by guitar player Mads Laursen. After a long production cycle with a lot of setbacks, the album is now finally ready for release!

The songs vary from fast sing-along metal hymns like “A Second Sun”, to the German Power Metal inspired “Free Again” and the speed-metal punch “Strangers in Hell”. The album includes the ballad “Sentenced”, inspired by many great rock ballads of past centuries, and closes with the epic 7-minute title track.

Ironguard album“Towards Victory” is for everyone interested in metal with strong riffs, blistering drums and lots of melodies that is built around singing along!

Ironguard saw its beginnings in 2008, spearheaded by original singer Niklas Andersen, as well as guitar played Mads Laursen and Simon Grástein as well as drummer René Lund. The line-up was finished in late 2009 with the addition of bass played Søren Rosendahl, and the band played its first gig in February 2010.

In 2009 the band recorded its first demo, which was released exclusively on the internet. In 2011 the follow-up EP “Fire Empire” was recorded, and saw release in October of the same year.

In late 2013 guitar player Simon left the band, and was replaced with Jeppe Campradt in 2014.

A slew of gigs followed, and in 2014 the band went into the studio again, to record their debut album, “Towards Victory”, which was to be self-produced and mixed. However, in 2014 singer Niklas announced that he would be leaving the band. This left the band with little motivation to push on, postponing the mix and release of the album.

In October of 2015 singer Andreas Bigom joined the ranks, replacing Niklas.iro

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