Irdorath releases “Denial of Creation”

Irdorath Album cover for Denial of Creation, out in 2018

Thrash/black metal band Irdorath has just released their album, “Denial of Creation”, via Wormholedeath / Aural / The Orchard / Disk Union Distribution worldwide. “Denial of Creation” is an overwhelming and intense album, a high quality example of how Thrash/Black metal should sound! The album is available

The history of the Irdorath started in 2005. Markus (guitar) and three other musicians founded the band, the first demo “Erwachen” and the first album “Götterdämmerung” (Label Black Lava Records) were recorded and the first gigs were played. During the following years, some personal changes happened, and from this time on, Thomas played the drums and Esche began performing on the rhythm guitar.

IrdorathThe second album, “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches” was recorded at Soundtempel Studio and produced by Stefan Traunmüller. After finishing the record, the singer and the bass player left the band, opening up a place for Markus to take over the vocal parts, and for Mario to join as the new bass player. With this lineup the band proved their power successfully on stage only a few weeks later. Furthermore, the German record label, Massacre Records, became interested and signed the band.

The Album, “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches”, was released worldwide through Massacre Records in January 2012 and Irdorath was playing concerts all over that year. Apart from performing live, Irdorath had lots of ideas for new songs. A new set was born and Thomas started to record the drums at Stage One Studio in Germany in November, 2012. Once finished, the recording of the guitars, bass guitar and the vocals took place once more at the Soundtempel Studio. The record, I Am Risen“, was finally mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio. “I Am Risen” was released in October, 2013 through the Austrian Music Label Noisehead Records.

Irdorath had filled their calendar slots with concerts and festivals in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland, to promote this record. The feedback from the fans and the music press was overwhelming!

In 2015, Esche left the band. To celebrate the band’s 10 year anniversary, Irdorath played some special shows with Christoph (Ex-Hellsaw, Groteskh, Sakrileg), who joined the band on rhytm guitar. Furthermore, they started to work on the new record.

In August 2016 Thomas entered the Soundtempel Studio to record the drums. A few weeks later, Markus dropped the guitar tracks there, while the bass guitar and vocals were recorded at Sound Delusion Studios in September, and the mixing and mastering were done at Hertz Studio in Poland. Finally Irdorath found a new full-time member to play the rhythm guitar, and the lineup was once again complete:Irdorath band lineup

  • Markus Leitner (guitar/vocals)
  • Thomas Leitner (drums)
  • Mario Jackisch (bass guitar)
  • Craig Hauser (guitar).

In September 2017, Irdorath released their latest album, “Denial of Creation”. And since joining forces with the ambitious Italian label Wormholedeath to bring the new album to the masses, Irdorath is confident that they are prepared for the upcoming release shows.

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