High On Fire Cancels Electric Messiah Tour Due To Medical Emergency

High On Fire cancels Electric Messiah Tour 2019 due to medical emergency

Today, High on Fire announced on their Instagram that they will not be participating in the 2019 “Electric Messiah Tour”, which was sponsored by Revolver Magazine.

High on Fire

“Frontman Matt Pike sincerely apologized to their fans, stating, “Dear friends and fans, to my brothers, my crew, and anyone else this affects. I do apologize for the inconvenience of this cancellation. I feel as though I’m explaining lightning striking twice. I wanted nothing more in the world (than) to play these songs live, nor (to) ever cancel something I say I’m gonna do. I am a warrior for our art, and have endured some painful things to what we do. The timing and repeating nature of this is my nightmare and almost impossible. Nevertheless, to save yet another toe, my big one, I have been grounded by circumstances out of my control. I will have more of a medical report to come, but right now, I’m at a great risk of losing it, and/or a bigger portion of my foot due to Diabetes, which I have been managing very well. It just shows how this disease can affect our lives. Please forgive me, and if you know anything about me, you know this is not like me. I will be back!”

Year of the Cobra

Year of the Cobra also posted on their instagram, “Hey everybody, we are very sad to announce that our tour with High of Fire and Toke has been cancelled. Matt is dealing with another medical emergency and is unable to perform or be on the road at this time. Please join us in sending him love and wishing for a super fast recovery – we all need him to be back at 100% so he can continue to pummel our ear drums for many more years to come!

Unfortunately, we also had to cancel all the shows we had leading up to and directly after the HOF dates. The distance and gaps between dates would be unrealistic for us to keep. We sincerely apologize, but rest assured, we will make them op.

By the way, we have a TON of new merch that will hit our sites today – keep your eyes peeled!”


Toke also chimed in on their Instagram, “It’s with a heavy heart we announce the cancellation of this tour. We hope the best for Matt and hope everything goes the best it can getting this all taken care of!.That being said, we have so much merch we don’t know what to do with it all! Link in our profile. All hail Matt Pike!”

Fans who have already purchased their tickets may refund them through their point of purchase.

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