Obituary, Molder, Sector – Concert Review 5/06/24

Havok, Toxic Holocaust, IAM at Reggies Chicago

Hey All,

Thanks for reading this review from the Chicago show on May 6th, 2024.  This was an added date for Obituary as they are currently on tour with Cannibal Corpse.  Let me know if you were there, and if you saw anything to add to this review!

First up, Sector, a hardcore band from our very own Chicago.  It annoys me how opening bands get no room on stage to move around.  I know you don’t need much space to headbang, but hardcore needs room to move!  The guys played a cool 30 minute set and had an early arriving crowd on a Monday night, dancing in the pit.  Definitely going to hit them up at future gig.  Looks like their next show is July 6th, so check them out.  If you’re looking for them, they are on the socials as The Chicago Sector.

Next up, Molder, who I was really digging.  Just down the road west of Chicago in Joliet, these guys play a death thrash style.  Subjectively, I love this sub-genre of metal, but any metal fan can get into them really easy.   Doing a little research, these guys have been around since 2017, and I’m pissed it’s taken this long to see this band.   Great hooks and band is really tight.  Pit was MOVING!  After the show, jumping into the car, I listened to their latest Engrossed in Decay all the way home.  Can’t wait to see these guys again.  Next chance to check them out looks to be September 28th with Fugitive.  Here’s their setlist if you want to recreate on Spotify or whatever.

  1. Frothing
  2. Relentless Pestilence
  3. Overdue Burial
  4. Busted Innards
  5. Feasting on Dirt
  6. Incipient Disease
  7. Sweet Taste of Death
  8. Granulated Chunks

Obituary!!  One of my favorite bands out of the FLA Death Metal scene and just in general.  On the off night from the Cannibal Corpse tour, Obituary stopped by to break some necks with some old school death metal.  Yeah, I love the band, but I love watching the Tardy brothers do their thing.  John’s voice just is so iconic in the metal world.  Donald’s drumming is always a blast to hear and watch.  I’ve seen these guys a bunch of times, but tonight they just seemed really happy to be on stage together giving high-fives, and everyone jamming during the guitar solos.  The crowd was great and didn’t take any time off in the pit for the newer songs off their latest album, Dying of Everything.  As you can see from the setlist below, there was a good mix of new and old, which definitely satisfied the packed crowd.  All around great show and great set, and something I don’t pass up anytime these guys come to town.

  1. Redneck Stomp
  2. Barely Alive
  3. Wrong Time
  4. Chopped in Half/Turned Inside Out
  5. Slow Death
  6. War
  7. Dying of Everything
  8. Visions in My Head
  9. Threatening Skies
  10. By the Light
  11. My Will to Live
  12. I’m in Pain
  13. Slowly We Rot

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