Filth Is Eternal to support Baroness Summer 2024!

Filth is Eternal



L-R: Emily Salisbury (Drums), Lis Di Angelo (Vocals), Brian McClelland (Guitar)
May 20, 2024—Seattle’s Filth Is Eternal is confirmed to support metal juggernauts Baroness this summer on their U.S. tour. FIE joins Baroness on June 12 in Lawrence, KS and wraps the tour on June 30 in Stroudsburg, PA (full dates below).

Frontperson Lis Di Angelo says, “We are so excited to be hitting the road with Baroness. We’ve been following them for a long time and have loved everything they’ve ever released. It’s going to be truly special sharing the stage with them every night, and once again getting the opportunity to see all our road family while we are out there!”

Filth Is Eternal released their new album, Find Out, last fall, and it highlights the band’s deep-rooted attention to songwriting. Exploding with fresh ideas, heavy on hooks, and clandestine melody, Find Out is a clear breakout release for FIE, not to mention a future staple for heavy music fans worldwide. Using the talents of producer Paul Fig (Slipknot, AFI, Alice In Chains) while recording at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 and Dave’s Room, Find Out adds just enough spit polish in production to conjure the masses but still retains the dirt and grime necessary to remain congruous to the sound and fury within.

Praise for Find Out:

“With 14 tracks blurring by in well under half an hour with zero fucking around, of course, you’re left wanting more. But that’s the point. Filth Is Eternal, and they’re still just getting started. 4/5.” –Kerrang!

“The album, music, art, and all, feels like an encapsulation of their live show, which is a sight to behold and an absolute event.” –Invisible Oranges

“FILTH IS ETERNAL truly found out exactly what best makes them tick as a band, embracing the relationship they have with fans and with live shows. The end result is 14 songs of crusty, filthy metallic hardcore that are simply too good to ignore. 8/10” –Distorted Sound


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