Dark Funeral Announces Lineup Change, Celebrates 25 Years in 2018

Dark Funeral

Stockholm, Swedish black metal masters, Dark Funeral, have just announced that they are parting ways with their drummer, Nils “Dominator” Fjellstroem.

Lord Ahriman comments: “We must sadly inform you that we have agreed to let Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellstroem take a much needed timeout from the band to handle some personal matters. We, of course, wish him the best! Yet, the world keeps turning, so Dark Funeral will stride on. We have since hired an extremely talented drummer that will fill in for Nils’ position until further notice. All scheduled shows and tours will continue to take place as planned! 2018 will be an epic year as we have two celebrations to make: our classic album “Vobiscum Satanas”, which turns 20 years old, and Dark Funeral’s 25 year celebration as a band.”

Dark Funeral was founded in 1993 by Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon.  In January, 1994, the legendary, self-titled and self-financed debut mini-album was recorded at Dan Swanös Uni-Sound Studio. It was released upon the un-expecting masses on May 4th of the same year. The band quickly established themselves as a band to watch. Since then, a lot of things has happened. The line-up has changed, several amazing albums have been released, and Dark Funeral has toured no less than 45 different countries with acts that include Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Immortal and many more. Dark Funeral has since undoubtedly become one of the most intense Black Metal acts ever! 

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