Chuck Mosley Dies at Age 57

Chuck Mosley died November 9, 2017 at age 57

Chuck Mosley, Faith No More singer (from 1984-1988), has died “due to the disease of addiction,” according to his family. He was 57.

“Charles Henry Mosley III was struggling with sobriety,” his family added, and are “sharing the manner in which he passed in hopes that it might serve as a warning or a wake up call to anyone else struggling to fight for the same.”

Mosley was born in Hollywood, CA, but raised in S. Central L.A. and Venice. As a teenager, he got interested in the rapidly-growing punk scene, befriended bassist Billy Gould, and started up a local band called “The Animated”. After the band broke up, Gould formed the band, “Faith No More”, while Mosley fronted “Haircuts That Kill”. When Courtney Love (pre-Hole) left the band as their lead singer, Mosley tried out and got the gig. Mosley put out 2 albums with Faith No More, “We Care A Lot” and “Introduce Yourself”, but due to his “unpredictable behavior, both on and off stage”, the band fired Mosley, replacing him with Mike Patton for the recording of their next album, “The Real Thing”.

In the early 1990s, Mosley teamed up with Washington D.C. hardcore “Bad Brains”, and later formed another group called “Cement”. He then took off from the music scene for a bit, taking time to write and compose while working as a chef.

In 2009, Mosley reappeared, releasing the album, “Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food”.

Rebel Radio’s Scott Davidson interviewed Mosley on Rebel Radio this past Summer (2017), before playing a show in Brookfield, IL on June 30. In memory of Chuck Mosley, we’ve added the official music video for “We Care A Lot”, HERE.

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