Chinese Up and Comers Life Awaits Release “Better Now”

Life Awaits

Hailing from Beijing, China, Life Awaits make their label debut by releasing,their newest single, Better now, through Dreambound’s YouTube channel.

With a mix of heartfelt lyrics- gutwrenching vocals and fantastic instrumentation, Life Awaits are here to impress and take no prisoners with this first single of 2019. Both new and old fans alike are bound to find lyrics and moments that will resonate within them, be it tapping their foot along to the beat, or screaming along at the top of their lungs, there’s a bit for everyone to enjoy.
Vocalist Yu opened up about the track: “Better now is kind of an experimental song for us. We wanted to find connections between the lyrics and each note. I personally suffered from bipolar disorder for a period of time. So there’s anger in it and there’s also desperation. But most importantly, there is an exit from it all. And we hope the song can reach out to those who have the same problem and can find their own way out. This is also the first single release after signing with Famined Records. We are all very excited. And we hope it brings a new chapter to our career.” Check out their new video for “Better Now”, here:

About Life Awaits:

Life Awaits is a 4-piece Post-Hardcore/Alt- Rock band from Beijing, China. Established in May 2015, the band gained massive attention since their first single < In Descent> that same year in September. Although the band is at its new-born stage, the band members have experience performing with their former bands all around Asia. This is part of the reason why the band has been named for “The most anticipated and international Chinese metal/hardcore band”.

In April, 2017, the band released their music video <You> which grabbed more than 600 reposts and over hundred thousands of views. The music video was also released on Dreambound’s Youtube Channel and reached over 100k views within a week which also helped to the band to gain significant global recognition. On June 3, 2017, Life Awaits released their debut album <WAVES>.

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