Cadaver Putrefacto Signs with Brutal Records

Cadaver Putrefacto, EP cover for La Maldicion del Zombi Errante

Cadaver Putrefacto is a Death Metal band which formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2000 by Daniel Martin Edema on Guitar and Vocal, and Juan Gomez on drums. After years of inactivity, the band had reformed in 2015, adding Leonel Grismado in Voices and prepares its first demo that saw the light on August 29, 2016, showing three themes of pure Death Metal, classic and direct.

At the end of 2016, the band was reduced to two members: Juan Gomez on Guitar, Bass, and scheduled drums; and Leonel Grismado on the heavy and brutal guttural voices.

This formation published in July 2017 an EP titled, “Macabre Coleccion”, which contained two original songs and three covers. The EP is a preview of the debut album of the band that is soon to see the light. The theme of the lyrics, all composed by the perverse mind of Leonel Grismado (Rigor Mortis – Dyspepsia – Trope Noise), covers horror stories, perversions, serial killers, and homage to horror movies. The musical influences are well-marked in bands like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Decide, Eternal Grave.

La Maldicion del Zombi Errante have truly stepped it up a notch with remarkably catchy hooks, and their already recognizable corpse-decaying Death Metal stench soaked throughout the entire album! “Cadaver Putrefacto” is proof once again that crass-ridden and obscene Argentina Death Metal is still a winning formula, and shall eternally reign supreme.

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