Broken Cross Sets for Militant Misanthrope LP Release in 2018

Militant Misanthrope by Broken Cross

Swedish-based apocalyptic metal/hardcore outfit Broken Cross has completed its second LP, titled “Militant Misanthrope”, which is being finalized for release in February.

Following the path of the material found on the outfit’s recently-issued split 7″ with V.E.G.A.S., Broken Cross delivers its most searing material yet with “Militant Misanthrope”. The sound tone and quality of the new LP yields a heavily enriched sound which bears a vast difference to the earlier lo-fi recordings, with blazing elements of thrash metal heritage seeping its way into the boldly-produced album’s nine new anthems. Recorded at Studio Underjord in Norrköping, Sweden (Vanhelgd, Year Of The Goat, Griftegård), and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Militant Misanthrope is completed with drawings inspired by the 1980s/90s anime style and werewolf folklore, created by Dwid Hellion (Integrity).

Militant Misanthrope will see release on February 2nd, on LP with Apocalyptic Visions, on cassette via Judas Chair Collective, and on CD through Psychic Rebellion.

Militant Misanthrope Track Listing:

  1. Vocationem
  2. C.O.T.E.
  3. Devil’s Daughters Dance
  4. The Isolation Cult
  5. Militant Misanthrope
  6. Into The Otherworld
  7. Sacred Sacrifice
  8. Wind Assassin
  9. The Mouth Beyond

Following the release of Militant Misanthrope, Broken Cross will perform its first live show ever at the Judas Chair Collective Festival 2018 in Helsinki, Finland March 16th through 18th, joining the likes of Circling The Drain, Remissions, Hail Conjurer, Sick World, Slave Hands, Dredged, Long Gone, Usko, Corroder, and more.

The brainchild of one Niklas Holm, also the creator of death metal outfit Extermination Temple, Broken Cross has issued a wealth of singles and EPs since 2011, but it was the 2015-released “Through Light To Night” debut LP which saw the outfit’s tentacles writhe into the masses, surging with heavy inspiration from dark hardcore and punk influences, citing the likes of G.I.S.M. and Integrity.

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