Barb Wire Dolls Dedicate Video to Victims of the Bataclan Tragedy

Fade Away: dedicated to the victims of the Bataclan tragedy

The Barb Wire Dolls have dedicated their latest video for their new song, “Fade Away”, to the victims of the Bataclan Tragedy.

The origin story of the fastest rising band in underground rock, Barb Wire Dolls, is undoubtedly an impressive one. From being discovered and signed by late rock legend Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, to being personally invited to move to Los Angeles by iconic KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, Barb Wire Dolls have proven worthy of some of music’s biggest stars.

While Barb Wire Dolls are humbled by those honors to this day, their chief honor was to be personally invited to record in the Joshua Tree desert at legendary studio Rancho De La Luna in California. Not only because of the iconic status of the other artists who have recorded there, like Iggy Pop and Queens Of The Stone Age, but because it came at the hands of co-owner and Eagles of Death Metal member Dave Catching. However, this was before Catching’s life and the music community as it existed would be forever altered.

Dave Catching was with the Eagles of Death Metal at the time of the tragic Bataclan venue shooting, where 90 people lost their lives to senseless violence exactly two years ago on November 13, 2015. The tragedy not only shook the music community – it shook the world.

“After the Paris Attacks, we wrote David [Catching] and told him, apart from our most sincere condolences for what had happened, that we understood if he would not want us to come in and record at his studio after such events,” recalls Barb Wire Dolls vocalist Isis Queen. “But he immediately replied, ‘the music must go on, they can’t take that away’…”

With Catching’s blessing, Barb Wire Dolls traveled to Rancho De La Luna – all the while inspired by their desert surroundings and the emotional journey they were about to take. They put pen to paper, writing several tracks inspired by the Bataclan tragedy that would eventually take position on Rub My Mind.

Isis continues, “…with that one message [from Dave], songs and tears came pouring out of us. We wrote most of the songs on the new album just as we entered his studio in the desert.”

Once in the studio, the band recorded the chilling rock anthem, “Fade Away”, which was purely inspired by the tragedy. What’s more, the band was honored to have Dave Catching and the other members of Eagles of Death Metal be the very first people to hear the track – present at the first full play of the song at the studio.

Today, Barb Wire Dolls are finally revealing the music video for “Fade Away”, adding haunting image and further inspiration to the already emotional track. The video was filmed, edited and directed by French filmmaker Romaine Zawadski, and shot in a dungeon outside of Nancy, France.

In a statement posted in the video description, the band dedicates the track to not only those impacted by and lost to the senseless tragedy at the Bataclan, but to anyone who has been affected by the shootings at live music/entertainment events in London, Orlando, Las Vegas, and any senseless act of violence. Along with the Bataclan, these are all tragedies that have greatly impacted the music community and beyond, and Barb Wire Dolls feels that as a community, we need to spread more love into the world and keep the music flowing freely.

More about Rub My Mind:

Produced and mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Evanescene, John Fogerty, Bush), Rub My Mind is a collection of thirteen eclectic tracks that reflect on the state of our world, how to deal with it – and how to escape it! Songs like “Desert Song” and “Back in the U.S.S.A” were inspired by The Beatles, and others by additional greats of rock n’ roll, with a flavor all their own injected into the mix. Dedicated to Lemmy Kilmister, the album is an exciting retro cocktail of late ’70s influenced punk and ’90s grunge refracted through the prism of 2017. Order here.

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