French Black Metal Band Azziard Return with 3rd Album


French Black Metal long-runners Azziard return with their third album exploring the darkest aspects of the human mind.
After exploring the atrocities of the first world war as a parallel to the psychological and social disease plaguing today’s society a century later with “1916” and “Vésanie”, the band’s two first full-lengths, Azziard is now starting a new multi-chapters, more radical, concept with “Metempsychose”, yet still exploring the works of Carl Jung like on “Vésanie”, this time through a character whose madness is only equaled by the world in which we evolve.

With a new line-up featuring past and current members of bands such as Nydvind, Borgia, Dreamcatcher, End of Mankind, Insain, or The Negation, the musical approach evolved towards a modern yet uncompromising Black Metal with some hints of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal.

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